About Us

Alex I believe in perfection and can’t resist polishing every tiny detail until everything is perfect. Alex

The developer, creator, ideologist, heart and brain behind Imperavi.

Art I love beautiful things. The world’s best technologies should look awesome. My life’s goal is to provide this beauty to each and everyone. Art

Marketer, designer, copywriter, Imperavi’s hybrid engine.

Our vision

We aim to reach and provide minimalism, simplicity, efficiency, and productivity in everything we do.

Our products are simple yet efficient, minimalistic but beautiful. They all help you stay focused on your goals, and not on your tools. We passionately love design and it is a key to the balance in everything we create.

Contact us

We reside in USA. Feel free to give us a call at (855) 373-4774.

For inquiries in regards of licensing, billing, processing of your payments, etc, please, use support@imperavi.com.

For other question, please, use: support page