Kube CSS Framework

Introducing new Kube, evolution of a CSS framework
for professional designers and developers.

Download Kube

Version 5.0 from October 11, 2015, zip-archive

Old Kube Documentation


Horizontal rhythm

Innovative 8px Baseline Horizontal Rhythm makes building designs, layouts and creative collaboration easier than ever. Blocks and elements naturally snap into perfect spots.


Beautiful typography

Crisp, sharp and precisely crafted for absolutely best visual harmony, Kube’s typography is purely functional and very utilitarian at the same time.


Flexbox Grid

Innovative and extremely flexible grid offers clear and simple rules, visual balance and solid structure for any web page, desktop or mobile.


Kube works in all modern browsers, both desktop and mobile, including latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge.


Kube licensed under MIT.
Kube Framework is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.