Advanced Text Editor

Article Editor

Article JS is a powerful text editor for creating rich content. It can work with grids, cards, templates and other components of website.


A serious tool for serious work on creation and editing of complex content.

JavaScript application

Article Editor is a JavaScript application for creating text and rich content, can integrated into your project.

Easy to integrate

Can be integrated into a CMS, digital media, site builders or other content projects

These are examples of the kind of content you can create and edit in Article. They show the power and flexibility of the Article Editor.

One time-payment, not a subscription.


Manipulate blocks of content to create really rich content for the modern web. Just by adding a block.

Add Block


One of the incredible features of Article is the use of ready-made templates. Click on the template button and here it is. The editable template is already in the editor.


Speed up your work with snippets. All that you need is to simply choose a snippet and the ready-made block with any code is immediately inserted into the content.


Drag and drop directly into the content, multiple upload, insert by URL, choose preloaded images.


React / Vue

Article JS is ready to use with React or VueJS. Supports ES6 import as a module for Nodejs or other apps.

ES6, React & Vue ready


Content inside columns.

Customize the display of any grids you want, for example, Bootstrap Grid. You can apply classes, styles, alignment, and so on to the grid columns.



Article can do something else.

Seamlessly integrate

Article is written in javascript, so it's easy to integrate with any of your products like CMS, SaaS, etc.

Frameworks ready

Suitable for content editing based on any popular frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma, UiKit, Tailwind etc.


Inserting tweets, instagram, google maps, responsive youtube video, any embed code.


Simple creation of plugins for solving any tasks.


Super powerful API with hundreds of methods and excellent documentation.


Handling events of the editor or plugins and event data management.


The menu of each block in the content with its own set of features.

Adaptive toolbar

Toolbar with buttons that are displayed depending on the selected block.


Ability to show additional information such as character and word counts.


Automatic saving to the server with any change in the content.


Article has built-in shortcuts for quick editing, adding and so on.


Inserting and working with uneditable areas of the content.


Editing tables, cell parameters, adding rows and columns out of the box.


Adding and markup of content with any block tag such as div, article, header, aside etc.

Block manipulation

Deleting a content block, creating its duplicate, changing the code of a separate block - all this in one click.


Edit, modify and insert slideshows with interactivity directly in Article.


Working with blocks of cards, changing their text, inserting images inside cards.

Custom blocks

Simply creating your own blocks with special behavior and visual style.


Full control over the pasted text, including fine clean up of MS Word.


Insert and upload images directly from the clipboard.

Moving blocks

Move blocks up/down using keyboard shortcuts or drag and drop

Block styles

Ability for blocks to pick and change styles.

Website CSS

Content is just like on your site, thanks to the ability to set the same css styles as on the site.

Google fonts

Integration with google fonts or any other font services.

Buy Article.

One time-payment, not a subscription.


Explore Article Editor.

The simple documentation helps you reach your goals faster.

A lot of examples that show the possibilities of Article Editor.

Here are some plugins that show the power of Article JS.