Keyboard shortcuts

By default, the editor has a set of predefined keyboard shortcuts that help you edit content faster and easier.

When creating your plugin, you can assign your own shortcut keys for certain plug-in commands. Here is more about how to do this.

Predefined keyboard shortcuts

Windows Mac
Select all text in the block CTRL+A ⌘+A
Select all blocks CTRL+SHIFT+A ⌘+SHIFT+A
Select multiple blocks CTRL+CLICK ⌘+CLICK
Undo CTRL+Z ⌘+Z
Remove inline format CTRL+SHIFT+M ⌘+SHIFT+M
Bold CTRL+B ⌘+B
Italic CTRL+I ⌘+I
Underline CTRL+U ⌘+U
Superscript CTRL+H ⌘+H
Subscript CTRL+L ⌘+L
Normal text CTRL+ALT+0 ⌘+ALT+0
Heading 1 CTRL+ALT+1 ⌘+ALT+1
Heading 2 CTRL+ALT+2 ⌘+ALT+2
Heading 3 CTRL+ALT+3 ⌘+ALT+3
Heading 4 CTRL+ALT+4 ⌘+ALT+4
Heading 5 CTRL+ALT+5 ⌘+ALT+5
Heading 6 CTRL+ALT+6 ⌘+ALT+6
Ordered List CTRL+SHIFT+7 ⌘+SHIFT+7
Unordered List CTRL+SHIFT+8 ⌘+SHIFT+8
List Indent CTRL+] ⌘+]
List Outdent CTRL+[ ⌘+[