February 2016 Update

Feb 18, 2016

Wow, this leap year is picking up steam, fast!... Although we missed an update in January, we've got some awesome news to share with you this time around.

First, we've been hard at work with Redactor II. We worked closely with you through our support channels, and we can confirm that bug reports are down 36% comparing to what we had a year ago. The new Redactor is much more reliable by design, and significantly less prone to bugs and errors, and we are happy to see this.

Second, your feedback is by far the most important thing we get from our support channels. Not all of you were happy with some of the changes that we made in Redactor II, and we've made significant improvements in key areas, thanks to your feedback. We also had closed some odd bugs, thanks to your reports, and made important clarifications in the Docs to make things even clearer.

New stuff

Redactor Plugins are now available on Github. Automate plugins updating, submit pull-requests, report issues the way (most of) you love. All plugins are always up-to-date to work with the latest Redactor II version.

Some of you hate dropdowns. And it is ok: now you can easily include list and indentation buttons by just adding them to the toolbar, without dropdowns

Rails! Angular! Django*! Redactor is here to save you time. Grab one of the newly developed modules (gems, directives, handlers) and be on your way development-wise. Think of the modules as templates: they are fully functional in most typical situations, but may require tuning and tweaking.

* Django handler details are still being clarified, but we expect everything to be ready in late February or early March.  


Fonts Plugin. We listened. Some of you have to offer inline font formatting to customers. The new Fonts Plugin will do pretty much this while preserving your full control over the text look and feel. We consider every bit of your input and every possible feedback from you, so please keep sharing your thoughts with us!

Want Redactor to leave your code alone? We are working on this. The new "no-cleanup" class will let you tell Redactor that the following code requires no cleanup. Whenever you've got a paragraph with some tricky stuff inside, like a fancy <span>, or a <font>, or some inline style="attributes", just add class="no-cleanup" to this paragraph, and Redactor will completely ignore whatever's inside of this paragraph. This feature will be available in one of the nearest updates.