Introducing New Kube

Jul 5, 2016

It’s been awhile since we’ve hinted at the new Kube, and it’s been even longer since the last update to one of the web’s favorite CSS frameworks. And today we are thrilled and excited to announce that the new Kube is available for download here on our website as well as on Github!

The new Kube has been rebuilt from scratch, with all the greatest and latest tech in mind, and for all the best practices out there, both in user experience and interface design and web development. We are especially proud of:

  • Horizontal rhythm. This built-in feature makes your sites look more refined and beautiful.
  • Perfect typography. We obsessed about typography for a good reason. Now it’s, well, perfect.
  • True minimalism. We went back to the roots with this in Kube. Kube features only what’s truly necessary for professional web design and development.

Kube is a professional framework, as well as a wireframe and a skeleton for projects of any scale and complexity. We intended Kube for highly professional designers and developers, and it requires excellent knowledge and understanding of HTML5, CSS, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, flexbox and all the latest best practices in the field.

As always, you can use Kube in whichever way you like, commercial or otherwise: Kube is absolutely free and open source.

Questions? See our new FAQ!


We’ve just released Redactor 1.2.5, our latest minor update with major improvements in it. Three new settings, jQuery 3 compatibility, and span! Spans are back, everyone. After long and heated internal debates, a path of trial and error led us to bringing span tags back to Redactor. It basically means that if you absolutely have to introduce inline styles (colors, sizes, font families and more) to the inline text, you can do so using spans and CSS classes. Several nasty bugs were squashed, and overall stability, reliability and predictability have been improved in this update.

Also, just a friendly reminder, that for a limited time only we offer both current and next major Redactor when you purchase Redactor II license. This offer may not last long, so feel free to take advantage of it right away!