(Long overdue) Quick Update

Jun 26, 2015

This update is long overdue. Like, 8 month overdue. We’ve been so busy updating our Change Log, that we completely overlooked updating our web log. Eventually, we will get this blog back on track for regular updates, but for now let me just quickly summarize what we’ve been up to this year, and what’s to come later.

First, Redactor 10 was a huge success. We have no way of measuring the adoption rate, but if support requests is any indication, over 90% of you have upgraded to Redactor 10. If you’re still holding up, it is the time to let go of good ol’ Redactor and grab your free update of good new Redactor 10.2. Since original release in September, we’ve added exclusive caret position sync feature, CodeMirror and Uploadcare support and about 200 different tweaks and fixes here and there.

Redactor Cursor Sync

We plan to keep working restlessly on many more new features and improvements. Our most serious areas of emphasis and focus in upcoming updates are rock-solid security, unlimited accessibility and radical improvements in mobile user experience.