March Update + Get Next Redactor Free

Mar 29, 2016

We welcome spring in the Northern Hemisphere and have a short and quick update to share with you.

We've been working tirelessly on the Redactor II 1.2.3 update; it's available now in your account. This update closes about 20 known issues, mostly related to pasting content. We can't thank you enough for finding and reporting these issues!


We are laying down some initial groundwork and doing some general planning for the next major Redactor. We want to create something truly exceptional, an ultimate WYSIWYG and content editor for years to come. You may expect this next Redactor to return to the roots in a way: it's going to be the most beautiful, versatile and minimalistic editor. Just wanted to let you know :) 

P. S. You will get this next Redactor for free, if you buy Redactor II now. If you've already bought Redactor II license, you will get the next Redactor on us as well.