March news update

Mar 8, 2013

We owe you an apology. There will be a significant delay of Redactor 9 release, current beta is obsolete, and no more github for OEM clients. Let me explain.

From the very beginning we tried to build Redactor as an outstanding product, and we've mostly succeeded: Redactor is loved by developers all over the world. However, there is quite an amount of bugs and glitches, that we were fighting with. Last November we were pretty sure that we can fix them all easily, and we'd broke our rule not to announce any release dates: fixes seemed simple and not overly time consuming.

When the first beta was ready, we began our extensive testing procedures. We now have over 60 points of inspection for every feature, every setting and every API call. It totals the amount of testing operations to several thousands. There's a reason for such extensive testing: although I like reading your mail and talking to you, I hate it when you find bugs that we're not aware of. It is embarrassing, right? So we implemented this testing protocol and soon found out that not only we cannot improve Redactor with this update, but also we cannot maintain its quality on a sustainable level. So we made a tough (really tough) decision to stop attempts to fix the beta version and rewrite most parts of it from scratch. It is painful, because many of you were waiting for this release to come really soon, now we have to admit that there will be a significant delay.

It only means that the new Redactor will be as close to perfection as it is humanly possible. New modules, new plugins, with the same clean and clear code, light weight and beautiful design. Just a bit later than we expected.

We had to retire current beta for good. We appreciate your feedback; it made clear, that this beta was quite below our own standards of quality and reliability.

As for github, we have to retire it too. We don't use it in our work (we don't use any version-control services or systems) and our experience with github functionality and usefulness is way too far from what we and some of you had expected. I'll explain it further a bit later, but the bottom line is: github is good for open-source projects. We are not one. We do develop Redactor in closed environment and we neither want nor able to handle push-requests from the community.

Feel free to share your thought with us on Twitter.

Take care,