May Update and 1.2.4 release

May 23, 2016

This time around, we've made Redactor, our robust, developer-friendly and good-looking WYSIWYG editor, a bit more stable and predictable. Here's your quick recap of the newest update. This update mostly addresses various minor issues, but some of the fixes are pretty important.

First and foremost, switching between ordered and unordered lists doesn't freeze Chrome and Safari tabs anymore. It's been painful for a lot of users, and we were really happy to squish this nasty bug. 

Speaking of nasty bugs. The one preventing users from pasting into formatted elements (bold, italic or code blocks) bit the dust as well. Pasting into code formatted blocks now works like a charm with both code and plain text. 

When users create heading in Air mode, no more struggling, trying to leave the newly created heading. Also, no more unwanted code when switching between visual editor and HTML code mode, regardless of where focus is or if there's an <iframe> tag.

There's more, but the point is, we are working daily to make Redactor more stable, more reliable, more predictable and even more developer-friendly. 

Oh, and here you can find a complete change log for this 1.2.4 update.