Meet Redactor 9.2

Feb 27, 2014

It’s been a very busy time for us lately. Not only we have a lot going on in our personal lives, but also great improvements come to Redactor effective today! Introducing Redactor 9.2, our biggest update this year so far (it’s only February, I know, but, well… nevermind). Here are some highlights that we are extremely excited to share with you.

The all-new mind-blowing toolbar. Not only it looks absolutely stunning; it is also the most easily customizable toolbar on the market, ever, period. With only couple of simplest changes in the CSS, you can completely reimagine the look and feel of Redactor and perfectly match your design. Choose any color for the toolbar itself, buttons, hovers or button’s active state and apply your idea in, literally, seconds. Moreover, for advanced developers out there, the buttons are now using font icons and can be changed or replaced fairly easily. At this point, we do not officially support such changes, but you can definitely figure this out.

Font Awesome support for plugin buttons. Long awaited feature is available now, see examples and get creative. Choose any icon for your plugin button and put it on the toolbar immediately. Yes, it is that easy.

We are introducing several new settings, some of these settings are particularly important for mobile users (toolbarOverflow or buttonsHideOnMobile).

To give you some ideas about how far you can push Redactor, take a look at this distraction-free, Zen-style, minimalistic and fun Typewriter mode. This is how far you can push Redactor. And to be honest, there’s still lots of room to push it even further.

Over 30 bugs were fixed in this update, including nastiest bugs with tables and lists. Major improvements have been made to modal windows; performance in iOS is improved significantly.

We also introduced some big changes to our license policies. These changes do not affect our existing clients and will only apply to the new clients. We strive to serve you better, to improve our support, to continue building the best WYSIWYG editor out there, and sometimes a change is just the right thing to do.

Enjoy this new Redactor 9.2, and let us know if you’re working on something super creative or revolutionary, we want to know!