Available today: Redactor 10

Sep 24, 2014

As some of you already know, we’ve spent last several months working on Redactor 10, and we are proud to introduce it to you today. It is by far the best Redactor we’ve ever made; it is the most stable, reliable and user-friendly release we’ve ever announced. Let us quickly walk you through some of the improvements we’ve made.

First things first. We improve Redactor with developers in mind. We strive to make it easy for you to work with Redactor, have freedom and flexibility to achieve practically any goal. However, Redactor 10 was made for premium user experience too. It is slick, sharp, fast and absolutely self-explanatory, and Redactor 10 is even faster and smoother than before.

Most improvements in Redactor 10 are not as visible. We’ve completely re-imagined practically every aspect of Redactor from scratch. It now consists of 36 modules making it the most flexible tool for the job on the market. We’ve streamlined settings, eliminating confusing ones, improving naming conventions and making settings as self-explanatory as possible. There are many visual improvements as well, for instance, we tweaked and fine-tuned over 50 major aspects of typography inside Redactor. Text now looks even better balanced and much more pleasing. There are also 14 new plugins: we’ve extracted all non-essential functionality from Redactor, and this change gives you much better control over Redactor’s performance. Image and file uploads were vastly improved with full compliance with HTML5 standards, and now both normal and Amazon S3 uploads work seamlessly with drag and drop (it leaves IE9 out of the scope, but Microsoft is retiring this browser soon anyway). The all-new ‘formattingAdd’ setting adds visual styles to formatting dropdowns; not only it looks awesome, it also gives users a whole new level of productivity and convenience.

To sum this all, Redactor 10 was made with developers and exclusive user experience in mind. It offers a new level of control over modal windows, buttons, dropdowns, and uploads; freedom to create and modify plugins using exceptionally powerful API. Most improvements are under the hood, giving us breathing room for future improvements for years to come. We think about the new Redactor as fully featured framework with unique API, modular design and vigorous look and feel.

Grab your copy of Redactor 10 now and let us know what you think!