Redactor 3 Beta is here

Jan 11, 2018

It took us longer than it seemed before, but we did it. Now the new Redactor 3 is the most advanced of all wysiwyg editors in the world.

Redactor 3 is available for free to anyone who has bought or updated for Redactor 2 since May 31, 2016. Check this in your account.

If you ever bought any Redactor version, the new Redactor 3 is available to you at a 50% discount. Check this in your account.

If something went wrong, write us an email:

What's new in Redactor 3

Briefly the most important:

1. The new architecture is for us a work of art and a special pride. Yes, we know that moving from the old API to the new one is not easy for you, but believe us, new opportunities compensate for your inconvenience. And we prepared a guide for the upgrading from the second version to the third.

2. jQuery-free, but you can use it with jQuery if you want to.

3. You can change the modules on your own. You can build the new Redactor without specific modules (not yet in beta).

4. It's even easier to make your plugins, because of new API features, new modal windows, a new contextbar, a message system between the modules and a whole bunch of things.

5. A full-fledged breakline mode (markup with br) and the ability to markup with div tags.

6. Setting classes, styles, and attributes for any tags, including block tags, is vital for those who need to create emails in Redactor.

7. Shortcodes, type "h1." at the beginning of the paragraph, press space key and formatting takes place. If you write "p." then the heading will become a paragraph.

8. Now there are widgets. With widgets, it's easy to add any HTML code or interactive elements like google maps, tweets, instagram, etc. to the text.

9. Full formatting is available inside the tables. Many people asked about this.

10. Statusbar at the bottom of the editor, allows you to display additional information using plugins.

11. One toolbar for multiple editors on the page right out of the box.

What will be done before the release?

1. We have been testing the new Redactor 3 for a long time, but most likely there will be bugs, and we will fix them. Let us know about any issues in the form of support in your account on the site.

2. The documentation for the new version is written, we have to do a search for it and improve it. Many of the nuances of the new version have not yet been described.

3. Before the release, we will not add new features, and after you expect a lot of updates and a lot of new, both in the Redactor and many new plugins.

Support for the current version (Redactor 2)

We will support the old Redactor 2 for another year, at least. So do not worry, there is plenty of time to go to the new Redactor 3.

Take a look at Redactor 3 beta in your account