Redactor Update February 2017

Feb 5, 2017

We have made a significant update of Redactor. In addition to the standard bug fixes and enhancements, now Redactor has sharp and sleek icons in the toolbar by default. But you can still use text labels and custom icons for buttons. Full compatibility with the previous version and you do not need to make any changes to your installations.

Is there an editor in the world so cool looking?

And not so long ago we made plugins to change the font size, text color and family, and greatly improved work with the style and with other tag attributes, and generally with inline tags.

See the changelog for details

What's next

We get a lot of emails asking to make Redactor as jQuery-free. Today jQuery is not the only or no alternative library, especially if you use MVC frameworks, React JS or other libraries for creating UI. Perhaps the time has come.

Kube CSS & JS Framework

To many, it might seem that we have stopped working on Kube Framework. Fortunately, it is not. Recently, we have made a massive update for it, reworking almost every component.  Special work has been done over JS plugins to make them as OOP-styled.

And that was only the first step to further changes. We still have a lot of ideas how to make the Kube is more convenient for developers and designers. The world of web design is changing, and soon it will be completely different. Kube is one of the reasons for these changes.