Redactor 9 has landed

Mar 31, 2013

After months of working night and day, we'd like to introduce you the latest and the most sophisticated Redactor to date. We had to throw away a previous version (though in a beta stage) to make this one to really stand out.

I will not go through all of Redactor's new features, callbacks, settings and APIs. Who wants to talk about placeholder feature, improved undo/redo, blurCallback or linebreaks setting, right? ;) There're Docs, Examples, Change log, and Plugins sections on our website for it. However, I'll tell you about the main concepts that we used to confirm that we are doing the right thing with Redactor 9:

  • Is it going to help developers save money?
  • Is going to speed up and ease the setup process?
  • Does it make Redactor easier to customize?

Every time we faced an issue, a challenge or an opportunity to add or delete a feature, we asked these questions. And if one of the answers was 'no', well, then we just moved forward without it.

There were also some difficult decisions made along the way. Redactor does not support IE8 anymore, it is now IE9+. Redactor also does not support Opera for the time being, until Opera transitions to the Webkit engine. There is, however, an option to still add some compatibility using rangy library ('rangy: true' launch setting), but there's no guarantee or support for it.

As always, I'd love to hear from you; I'll address every issue you have and will make sure that your transition to Redactor 9 is smooth and that you are as excited as we are about all these new possibilities. Alex is now building a completely new Documentation system, with search, built-in FAQ, interactive examples and blackjack. Drop us a line via email or send a quick reply on twitter anytime you have a concern about the new Redactor 9. After all, it is you who build this amazing services and plugins, and we are here to help you.

Take care,