The All-New Kube and Redactor 10 Beta announce

Sep 2, 2014

It’s been a while since our last blog update, and it’s about time to let you know what we’ve been doing all these months and what we’ve planned for you in coming weeks.

First, we’re thrilled to announce the all-new Kube. We strongly believe in simplicity and minimalism; we also believe that developers should spend less time performing routine tasks and spend more time truly creating and solving challenging and interesting problems. With this in mind, we updated Kube not only with great deal of visual and structural improvements but also with top-notch plugins with extensive API. These plugins provide a much better user experience which is very important, but even more important is the fact that these plugins are perfect for real-life tasks: they are ready-to-use yet flexible and easy to modify, they give the developers creative freedom while providing serious and scalable technical foundation for any project you may be building. Check out what's new!

Now, Redactor. We‘d like to thank you all for Redactor 9.2 huge success, we couldn’t be happier with how warm you’ve received it, your feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We were as excited about this update as many of you were, and we spent most of this spring adjusting and tweaking the good old Redactor 9 (see Change Log for details). These adjustments and tweaks helped us realize that we could make Redactor much, much better, and we focused our efforts on developing Redactor 10 during summer months. I must say, as geeky as we are, we still managed to go outside every now and then, take our families to the lake once in awhile and even went camping a couple of times! Oh, memories… But let’s get back to business.

Thanks to your feedback, we managed to fix over 60 nasty little bugs and developed over 40 new settings and over 100 new callbacks and API methods for the new version of Redactor. The code has been deeply refactored, many functions were rewritten completely, and overall performance and stability has been increased significantly. “So why hide this beauty from you until the final release?”, we thought and decided to give all existing clients early access to Redactor 10 Beta. The Beta will be released on September 10 and will be available for downloading in your account. To stay tuned, follow us on Twitter @imperavi or subscribe to RSS.

To give you more precise timeframe for the upcoming update, we plan to release final version of Redactor 10 on September 24. This update, as always, will be free to all existing clients, so spread the word!