The new Kube UI Framework

Aug 2, 2018

I am so happy to introduce the new Kube. It is more than other CSS/JS frameworks. Kube has a super architecture that helps you to create modular and extensible apps like admin panels or frontend for websites. 

Kube UI Framework

Of course, Kube still has a CSS part with all base modules: typography, grid, forms, etc. In the new version, we brought every detail of the basic CSS modules to perfection. In general, you can use the Kube to build a site UI or administrative interface, saving dozens of hours. Because the ready-made solutions of Kube relieve you of routine tasks.

If you love the attention to detail, then you will find a whole scattering of pleasant things in Kube. They will make happy you every day of using the framework. I do not know more cozy CSS framework than the Kube.

Kube Modular CSS JS Framework

Well, now we turn to the most important change. This is the Javascript part. Kube has a full-scale javascript framework inside independent of third-party libraries. It helps to create almost any application for the frontend of both the site and the admin panels.

Kube Javascript framework is OOP-oriented and modular. 
It has many tools for building applications: modules, classes, services, cross-module messaging, options, animation, and dom.

Kube comes with several ready-made modules and services, as well as super addons such as datepicker, slider, form validation, files upload and much more. In fact, this is already enough to make 90% of sites. Simply use the modules of Kube, and your project can be assembled block-by-block.

Naturally, our site and our cms inside are made using Kube. So every day we use it, and every day we wonder how cool everything turned out. Kube really works, it helps to focus on design and business logic, and not on fighting against architecture and routine.

Perhaps you will say that we are a little insane and why do something when there are vuejs and bootstrap, and thousands of frameworks. But the answer is simple, Kube is a supercar among these awkward, ugly and complex dinosaurs. Kube is an exquisite and aesthetic tool. It's good to use every day and falling in love more and more.

Try the new Kube