The New Redactor 3 Released

Feb 22, 2018

We just have released the new Redactor 3.

Thanks to everyone who sent us reports and helped in testing the beta version. This allowed us to produce a stable release faster. Do not stop. We are ready to listen to you and make Redactor even better.

We think that Redactor 3 is the best version in our nine-year development history. We created a new architecture that saved all the features of the previous version, making them more reliable many times and adding several new features without losing the primary qualities of Redactor: human-friendly design inside and outside. Making plugins is still easy, and API capabilities are even more limitless.

In our tradition, the design of the new Redactor changes the view of WYSIWYG, remaining an example of usability and how editors should look.

BTW, do not forget to see the new plugins. Among them Widget (to add snippets, embed code, tweets, etc.), Variable (create and use variables as non-editable things in the content) and BeyondGrammar (allows you to integrate grammar checking, spell checking, style improvements, and terminology checking).

Redactor 3 is available for free to anyone who has bought or updated to Redactor 2 since May 31, 2016. Check this in your account.

If you purchased Redactor before May 31 2016, the new Redactor 3 is available to you at a 50% discount. Check this in your account.

If something went wrong, write us an email: