The world's first WYSIWYG with drag and drop for images

Aug 5, 2013

Today we are immensely proud to present Redactor 9.1, one of the most exciting updates to the Redactor software we have produced to date.

Redactor 9.1 offers five major new features:

Drag and drop for images: Simply drag an image into Redactor and it will be uploaded to the server. No settings; simple API calls and callbacks can be found here.

Scaling functionality: Select an image and intuitively scale it by dragging the bottom right corner.

Ability to move images across text: Quickly and easily drag images across text until they are positioned exactly according to your requirements.

Copy/paste for images: Copy an image from a hard drive, Photoshop (full image or section only) or MS Word and then just paste it wherever you like inside the Redactor user area.

Link parsing: Insert a link to a YouTube video and it will be converted to YouTube’s embedded video player. Insert a link to an image and it will be converted to an actual image with a proper <img> tag.

Here’s a short video that demonstrates how all this works:

As always, the new release of Redactor also includes dozens of minor fixes and tweaks, some of which have been long-awaited by some of you — see Change log for details.

Feel free to contact us about any of these new features and/or API/callbacks.