Web Interface Handbook / Typography

Scanning & reading

01 Two types of interfaces

When you create a design, you will always come across two types of interfaces: for reading and scanning.

People move from one focus point to the next by scanning the titles on a marketing website. By reading the article people are reading.

Building both types of interface differs from each other in many details and techniques. One uses focal points and accents to grab the visitor's attention and keep the focus on specific areas of the interface. On the other, it is a more vertical design that helps users focus on reading without being distracting.

02 Two systems of typography

Typography sometimes varies depending on whether you are designing for scanning or reading. The task is easier if you only do an interface for one type. But if you need to do both, it is a bit more complicated, and you will probably need to make two typographic systems: one for scanning and one for reading.

The typography system is not the same for different types of interfaces.