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This section is about how links can be in the text and how to properly place them in it.

It makes no difference what color the link is, as long as its color is different from the text and it looks like a link. Although it is common for links to be blue.

The link can have any color, especially if it is different from the text.

If the link is underlined and has the same color as the text, it dissolves into the text and is difficult to see. Links need emphasis.

An underlined link the same color as the text looks invisible.
A link with a color different from the text is instantly visible.

If a link in the text is not underlined it raises questions and makes people think. Even if the color of the link is different from the text.

A link without an underline looks strange.
A link with an underline is always unambiguously readable.

In navigation and other elements that explicitly read as a set of menu items, the color of the links is irrelevant, as is the underline.

Link color and underline do not matter in navigation.

Links scattered throughout the text cause clutter, reduce focus, and make the text difficult to read. It is good if there is only one link in one paragraph.

Links scattered throughout the text make it hard to read.
One link in one paragraph.

If you need more than one link in the text, the best solution may be to put them in a separate block below the text. For example, as a list.

A block of links after the text.