Grafs. Javascript
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Build better Javascript & SVG charts and show relatable, visual data with simple, beautiful and meticulously designed Grafs.

1. Line Chart

Probably, the most popular charts on the planet, Line Chart diagrams uses only limited by imagination.

2. Column Chart

Column charts are perfect for comparison and presenting dynamic events and projections.

3. Pie Chart

Pie diagrams are ideal for presenting various shares of the whole in an appealing way.

4. Donut Chart

A healthy kind of donut, Donut Charts are best at presenting multiple different sets of data.

5. Circle Chart

Extremely descriptive and visual way to present single or multiple data sets with Circle diagram.

With 5 most popular chart types, you can
showcase your data in the most compelling
and visual way

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Flexible & Powerful Charts

Flexible & Powerful

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Obsessively Designed Charts

Obsessively Designed

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