What's New

The Kube Updates


  • Added: The internal focus event.
  • Fixed: If the dropdown button in the table, then the coordinates of the dropdown are incorrectly determined.


  • Added: The new design of Labels.
  • Added: The text-disabled state to the color scheme.
  • Added: $color-warning to the color scheme.
  • Added: The warning state of form inputs.
  • Improved: Some improvements in the design of alerts, datepicker, breadcrumb, tabs and number modules.
  • Improved: Updated design of append and prepend inputs in the form.
  • Improved: Cross-module broadcasting and API.
  • Fixed: The dropdown position is incorrect in the containers with position relative.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the Datepicker addon doesn't read the date in the input value.


  • Added: The new section Modifiers in the documentation with full list of modifiers.
  • Added: The toggle element of dropdown now get the dropdown-in when the dropdown is opened.
  • Added: New modifiers for the container: is-items-middle, is-container-row, is-container-column.
  • Added: The is-big modifier for buttons.
  • Improved: Remove the margin for is-row in the grid, use the spacing modifiers to set the bottom margin for rows or columns.
  • Improved: All buttons must have the button class for applying styles.
  • Improved: Style of the pre tag.
  • Deprecated: Remove is-links modifier in the Breadcrumb module.


  • Added: The new module Space helps to set margin and padding for containers.
  • Added: New modifiers in the Helpers module: width, shadow, center, border etc.
  • Added: The Typography module has the new modifiers: is-text-center, is-text-left-mobile, is-color-black.
  • Improved: The color scheme is slightly more accurate and balanced.
  • Improved: The simplified markup in the Layout module.
  • Improved: The Navbar module has been improved.
  • Deprecated: The is-inverted modifier for navbar is removed due to complexity and uselessness, it's easier to make it in markup depending on the design.