Multiple editors

This example shows how to run multiple editors on a page and how to get their application.

API Commands


<!-- buttons -->
<button onclick="getAllEditors(event)">getAllEditors</button>
<button onclick="getSecondEditor(event)">getSecondEditor</button>

<!-- elements -->
<textarea id="entry-1" class="entry">...</textarea>
<textarea id="entry-2" class="entry">...</textarea>

<!-- call -->
let apps = Redactor('.entry');

function getAllEditors(e) {

    // array of editors
    console.log('array of editors', apps);

function getSecondEditor(e) {

    // get by id
    let secondEditor = Redactor.dom('#entry-2').dataget('redactor')

    // get the second editor
    console.log('get from array', apps[1]);
    console.log('get by id', secondEditor);
    console.log('get html of the second editor', secondEditor.editor.getContent());