• Fixed: The "image resize" plugin doesn't work correctly with the "image positioning" plugin.
  • Fixed: If the image is resized by the Image resize plugin, the image is no longer responsive.
  • Fixed: Handle plugin is activated when you type an email
  • Added: Send data using the post method for image.select. See the selectMethod setting.
  • Improved: Many fixes to the inline formatting work.


  • Added: Ability to edit content if it is inside a div tag.


  • Fixed: Issue when pressing enter inside strikethrough, the editor did not create a new line.
  • Fixed: Issue when cut a selected paragraph with cmd/ctrl+x when the editing became inactive after that.
  • Fixed: Issue with input event behavior when using the start/stop API.
  • Fixed: Issue with the position of the cursor if select all in the editor and delete.
  • Fixed: If there is a line break inside the selection, the inline format does not work correctly.
  • Fixed: In some cases underlining is removed for the selected text.


  • Fixed: Issue with redo command and state


  • Fixed: If image uploading was disabled, an error occurred when pasting an image from the clipboard.
  • Improved: Some small improvements.


  • Added: event when an item is created in the list. See docs.


  • Fixed: The block.add API method works incorrect if the block adding position is specified in the parameters.


  • New: API method placeholder.change.
  • Fixed: Popup data does not save by enter url.
  • Fixed: Wrong behavior of enter after pressing cmd/ctrl and arrow up.
  • Fixed: The issue if alt text has quotes in the image.


  • Fixed: Small fixes for adding blocks to content.


  • Improved: Lots of small improvements.


  • Fixed: The undo after inserting an image and typing doesn't work correctly.
  • Fixed: The Handle plugin does not work correctly if a different trigger character is specified, such as #.


  • Fixed: Cleanup on paste when the cursor goes outside the editor when selecting content.
  • Fixed: A few minor improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed: maxHeight setting does not work.
  • Fixed: If the control bar is disabled, an error occurs when calling the app.stop method.
  • Lots of minor improvements and fixes.


  • New: Read alt, caption and link from json for already uploaded images.
  • Fixed: In some cases, if the first item in the list is empty, the cursor jumps incorrectly to the previous block .
  • Fixed: The image has an empty 'a' tag when the link is removed.
  • Fixed: If the cursor is at the beginning of the text, the new block is added after this block, and should be added before.
  • Fixed: If the editor has no focus an error occurs when inserting an image.


  • Fixed: The change event after inline format does not work.
  • Fixed: Ctrl+z does not work after inline format.
  • Fixed: Issue with destroy method and context toolbar.
  • Fixed: Issue with responsive embed class.
  • Fixed: Issue with parsing ">" sign.
  • Fixed: Issue of removing unwanted classes and attributes when pasting code containing figure and image tags.
  • Fixed: "Open link in new tab" checkbox is not checked by default if set link.target setting.


  • Added: Setting shortcutsRemove to turn off certain shortcuts .
  • Added: Feature to turn off enter key
  • Fixed: Issue when the paste.links setting is turned on.


  • Added: Image resize plugin.
  • Added: The setting to show the image width input in the editing popup.
  • Fixed: Issue when pasting from Word if the image is float.


  • Fixed: Pasting images from text when copied from Word.
  • Fixed: Issue with pasting lists from Word.
  • Fixed: The paste.clean setting does not turn off cleanup when content is pasted.
  • Fixed: If clean.enter is turned off, the id attribute is not deleted when a new paragraph is created.


  • Fixed: If there are quotes around the inline tag, there is a parsing error of content.
  • Improved: If the minimum height of the editor is specified and there is one paragraph in it, clicking on the editor should put the focus in the paragraph.
  • Improved: The working of popup events if it is already open
  • Added: Method block.isType — a quick way to detect in which block the selection is.
  • Added: Events adding and deleting a link for an image.


  • Fixed: The cursor gets the wrong position if the selected text is deleted in several paragraphs.
  • Fixed: The counter plugin does not update the data if the content in the editor was set by the setContent method.
  • Fixed: Pressing arrow up/down does not move the cursor to the previous/next empty paragraph.
  • Fixed: Block.remove event does not trigger if content block is removed via delete/backspace key.


  • Fixed: Issue when pasting/copying content.
  • Fixed: If ul list is selected and formatted to ol, an extra li is surrounding list items.
  • Fixed: The ordered list does not apply to multiple selected paragraphs.
  • Improved: Behavior when pressing enter in empty paragraphs and headings.
  • Improved: Behavior when adding the new paragraph if the cursor is in an empty paragraph or header.


  • Added: Filelink plugin helps to insert a file as a link.
  • Fixed: Selected paragraphs are not combined into a single list when formatted.
  • Fixed: HTML comments do not show up in output code.
  • Fixed: The triple click does not show the block controls and its toolbar.


  • Added: image.select event.
  • Improved: Saving the aspect ratio for an uploaded image in the insert image popup.
  • Fixed: Textexpander plugin does not replace the statement in the new line.
  • Fixed: In some cases, pressing enter in a popup causes a reload page.
  • Fixed: The issue with image remove event when the image id is undefined.
  • Fixed: If the image is at the bottom of the content and make the float property for it, then the image and content go outside of the editor.


  • Added: Ability to assign a class to a block type. Please see the setting classes
  • Added: Ability to change the autosave request method. Please see the setting autosave
  • Fixed: There is no outdent button in CSS editor icon styles.


  • Fixed: When adding a new row to a table it does not inherit classes and attributes.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a paragraph does not wrap the text if all the content is deleted and a new line is typed.
  • Fixed: Issues when toolbar is disabled.
  • Improved: Working with predefined classes.
  • Improved: Some minor improvements and bugfixes.


  • Fixed: In some cases, the editor loses focus when formatting text into a heading.
  • Fixed: In some cases, when formatting an empty paragraph to a list, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the content.


  • Improved: Work with style attribute for block and inline tags.
  • Improved: Drag and drop images inside the content.


Release of Redactor X