Link CTA

This example shows how to make a link as a CTA.


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="utf-8">

        <!-- css -->
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="/your-folder/revolvapp.css" />
        <!-- element -->
        <div id="myemail"></div>

        <!-- js -->
        <script src="/your-folder/revolvapp.js"></script>

        <!-- call -->
        Revolvapp('#myemail', {
            editor: {
                path: '/your-path-to-revolvapp-folder/',
                template: '/your-path-to-template-file.html'
            image: {
                upload: '/my-backend-upload/'


Links as opposed to buttons are the most effective click conversion tool. So it's always the right way to use big, vibrant links for the call to action in the email. In the template this is possible with the re-link tag like this:

<re-block align="center" padding="20px 0 60px 0">
    <re-link font-size="24px" color="#F917AB" font-weight="bold" href="">Check it out</re-link>