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Getting Started

Superkube 1.5

Superkube is a SCSS framework designed to build HTML and CSS websites. This means that there is nothing superfluous in it, you can add what you need in each of your projects.

Superkube is developed with design system in mind and contains system elements: the organization of variables, tokens, symbols, modules, etc.

At the same time, the framework has the usual declarative modifiers, which are found in other popular Frontend frameworks. In general, it is a hybrid framework, which combines all the best.

How Superkube Works #

Superkube is added as basic SCSS to your project and on its base you can create the kind of project you need. Superkube helps you build logic, use ready-made built-in modules and tools to increase speed and reliability of the result.

  1. Get a copy of Superkube to your project.
  2. Create your own variables based on Superkube and your modules depending on the project needs.
  3. Build Superkube, your variables and modules then release the website CSS for production.

See more about how to use Superkube.

Features #

Superkube has many features and surprising uses. This is what is on the surface:

  1. Compactness. Superkube is 3x smaller than similar frameworks. Only about 53kb.
  2. Systemic. Built with design system in mind.
  3. Modularity. Ideologically Superkube implies modular and reusable HTML and CSS code.
  4. Grid CSS. Inside Superkube are flexible and reliable grid building tools.
  5. Dark mode. It has built-in mechanisms for building a dark theme.

Javascript Agnostic #

Superkube contains only SCSS and does not contain Javascript. Because Superkube is independent of the implementation, you build the environment you need.

Browser Support #

Superkube is compatible with latest versions of:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Opera

License #

Superkube Framework is licensed under MIT. Superkube is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.