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Getting Started


A little bit about what Superkube is and what its power is.

Superkube is a free CSS/SCSS framework that has a lot of ready-made modules, modifiers, settings and variables HTML of website or web-interface.

Superkube is developed with design system in mind and contains system elements: the organization of variables, tokens, symbols, modules, etc.

See how to download the framework and how to use it:

Hybrid #

Superkube is a hybrid CSS and SCSS framework. This means that you can use it as it is by including only the superkube.css file and building HTML using ready-made modules and modifiers. Or you can customize settings, variables, colors, and anything else to build your own SCSS, which will only have what you need in your project.

Features #

Superkube has many features and surprising uses. This is what is on the surface:

  • Compactness. Superkube is 2x smaller than similar frameworks.
  • Systemic. Built with design system in mind.
  • Modularity. Ideologically Superkube implies modular and reusable HTML and CSS code.
  • Grid CSS. Inside Superkube are flexible and reliable grid building tools.
  • Dark mode. It has built-in mechanisms for building a dark theme.

Javascript Agnostic #

Superkube contains only SCSS and CSS. It does not contain Javascript. Because Superkube is independent of the implementation, you build the environment you need.

Browser Support #

Superkube is compatible with latest versions of:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Opera

License #

Superkube Framework is licensed under MIT. Superkube is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.