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This module helps to control the position property of the element.

Relative #

Use the position-relative class to make an element with position: relative.

<div class="position-relative">...</div>

This is useful if a module or its blocks use a link that is stretched to the full height and width of the element. See the Link module description for more details.

<div class="item position-relative">
    <div class="item-head">...</div>
    <div class="item-body">
        <a href="#" class="link-stretched">...</a>

Over #

Use the position-over class to make an element over the previous one. For example, this works when you want to place an image as a background for text or other elements.


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<div class="card bg-dark r-base">
    <div class="card-image r-base image-cover">
        <img class="r-base" src="...">
    <div class="card-box p-6 pb-10 position-over">
        <div class="card-tag mb-3">
            <span class="tag tag-light">...</span>
        <div class="card-head">
            <h2 class="heading-medium heading-light">
                <a href="#">...</a>
        <div class="card-body mt-3">
            <p class="text-medium text-light">...</p>