Html & Figma

Superkube UI & Wireframe Kit

This is a set of ready-made HTML blocks and UI & Wireframe kit made in Figma with super powerful design system. Superkube UI is the best for rapid prototyping and designing a website from scratch to finish.


Ready-made HTML solutions for rapid prototyping and design.

138 different building blocks in light and dark versions.

You can look at each block category above and see examples of ready-to-use HTML. All blocks are made using Superkube SCSS & HTML Framework.

UI & Wireframe Kit.

A well-designed kit with an unobtrusive style is easy to change to suit your needs.

Superkube UI Kit has a powerful design system with colors, text styles, ready-made components & modules. The kit has 138 really unique blocks in 15 categories. Each block has a dark and mobile version.

  • Minimal and well crafted design.
  • Super powerful design system.
  • 15 categories for rapid prototyping and designing websites.
  • 138 unique building blocks.
  • Desktop & mobile variants of blocks.
  • Google fonts.

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You can use each of the products to create your own designs/websites, to create work for clients, and for any other commercial or non-commercial purpose other than the direct sale of the kits themselves.



High quality 138 ready-made HTML blocks based on Superkube SCSS & HTML Framework.

Figma UI Kit Only


138 pre-made building blocks in light and dark versions in 15 different categories + super powerful design system.

HTML + Figma


One bundle including ready-to-use HTML blocks and Figma UI & Wireframe Kit.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I get after I buy?

The HTML kit is provided as html files. Figma UI kit is provided as a fig-file, which can be imported into Figma.

Can I use it in client projects?

Yes. Superkube UI, both HTML kit and Figma UI Kit can be used without any restrictions in your personal and commercial works.

Is there a license for the team?

There is no special license. You can use the product without restriction within the entire team or company.

Is there a version for Sketch?

So far we have no such plans.

Can I use the HTML kit with any front-end framework?

The HTML kit layout is based on our Superkube frontend framework. But this is pure HTML and can be used with other frontend frameworks with minimal changes.

Do you offer support?

Superkube UI is a completely finished product. We do not provide support in learning how to use it. If you have any questions, simply email us