Design System

Designed as a framework. Its adaptability makes it easy to customize and modify according to your specific goals and requirements.

These books are my way of sharing knowledge
and vision of a good user interface.

PDF Ebook

Web Interface Handbook

A set of principles & best practices for creating UI.

PDF Ebook

Designing Design Systems

How to make design systems that work.

Online Book

User Interface Typography

Creating balanced & expressive UI typography.

Fast & Lightweight Text Editor

Redactor X

This is ultra leading-edge, hybrid and high-powered
text editor for the web.

Email Editor

Revolvapp Email Editor

Helps to create and edit email templates visually. Just get a copy and integrate with your CMS, website or SaaS.

Advanced Text Editor

Article Editor JS

The block-styled text editor. This is a completely new and modern tool for creating rich-content with grids, embed code, templates, snippets, and whatever.