Base example

Basic example of the Redactor installation.

Multiple editors

Show how to call Redactor for multiple HTML elements.

Call with jQuery

How to initialize Redactor with jQuery.


Air toolbar

Shows how to call Redactor with the Air toolbar.


Show how the statusbar works.

External toolbar

How to place the toolbar to an external HTML box.

Toolbar target

How to set up the toolbar if Redactor is in the overflow layer.


Images and files

Upload or drag images

How to upload images to Redactor.

Upload or drag files

This example shows how to upload files.

Upload file as attachment

The example shows how to attach file.

Image resizing and positioning

How to change the image size and the floating.


Save and send form

This example shows how to send form with Redactor.

Serialize and Ajax

The example show how to seriliaze the form data and send via Ajax.

Get content with API

This example shows how to get the content with API.