The New Redactor 3

The most advanced, human-friendly WYSIWYG in the world.
Provides limitless flexibility and extensibility, simple and super-efficient API.

Modular Architecture

Modular architecture

Modern, robust architecture
that allows to create wonders



No dependencies, no problems

Crafted to perfection


Understandable documentation,
clear code, UI without bullshit

Redactor as Framework

Designed as framework

250+ API methods & callbacks

Loved by developers

Loved by developers

8500+ clients worldwide

Crafted to perfection

Crafted to perfection

9 years of development

What's new in Redactor 3

  • The new UI is more fantastic
  • Markup with p, div or br
  • Replacing modules and services with your own
  • The new work with modal windows
  • Easier work with forms in modal windows
  • Independent modules
  • Message system between modules
  • One toolbar for multiple editors
  • The new upload of one or multiple images
  • Inserting widgets, for example, google maps, tweets whatever
  • Shortcodes: type h1. and your paragraph formats to heading 1
  • Non-interference in the input and output code
  • The new upload of one or multiple files
  • Uploading file as attachment
  • Statusbar on the bottom
  • Contextbar - displayed when the user clicks on interactive elements
  • Improved inline editing for headings, span tags, etc.
  • Setting classes, styles, and attributes for any tags, including block tags if you compose emails
  • Improved Click-to-edit mode
  • More than 100 new API methods
  • Variables in the text that can be replaced with variables in the code
  • Even easier to create plugins
  • Plugins translation system
  • New Handle plugin
  • New Special characters plugin

And a lot more, look at Plugins and Examples.

Still simple extend with plugins

// all you need to create a plugin
$R.add('plugin', 'myplugin', {
    init: function(app)
        // your code
  • Two dozen ready-made and tested plugins created for the most common tasks.
  • The most elementary and simple creation of plugins.
  • Huge API capabilities for solving any of your specific cases.
Redactor Support

Fast and acceptable support
by the same people who create Redactor

Round-the-clock receiving of bugs and features, always with a detailed understanding of your problem.

Do not waste your time, do not ask stupid clarifying questions.

Redactor Design

Design has changed
the whole world of wysiwyg editors

Redactor's design is copied by all competitors in 2012.

We are fanatical in striving to make the interface every time better, in every detail, in every pixel.

Redactor Low Entry

The low barrier-to-entry

Do not need special knowledge to install and configure.

The most detailed, human and convenient documentation.

65+ ready-made examples.

Redactor Updates

Сontinuously updated

Bugfixes and updates several times a month.

Rapid release of updates for critical errors.

Continuous improvement and modernity.

Redactor Account

Flexible and transparent prices

Pay once and use forever, no subscriptions.

Unlimited domains & developers, full source code.

Upgrade to the next major version with 50% discount

Buy Now

14-day money back guarantee without reason.
Risk-free Trial.

Redactor Prices

Personal account after purchase

Invoice, receipt, self-change of email and password.

Access to updates & support form.

Discover More

Redactor Examples


Follow dozens of simplified examples, that provide clear insights into Redactor’s functionality.

Redactor Plugins


Redactor offers default plugins that will cover most of your needs out-of-the-box.

Redactor Documentation


The simple documentation helps you reach your goals faster.