Article & Redactor X

The classic Redactor has been replaced by Redactor X and Article. These are completely new editors, with no legacy in the code, fast and constantly updated. They are superior to the old Redactor in every way. We will support classic Redactor until 2023.

A simple and fast tool for everyday tasks of creating and editing texts on the web.

  • Suitable for creating and editing common texts for the web, which may also include images, video, embed code.
  • It has a hybrid interface that can be customized according to your needs. For example, you can disable the main toolbar and only show the context toolbar when highlighting text. Or show the control toolbar to the left of the content block.
  • Fast and small. It has no useless features and is made minimalistic in all its forms. At the same time, without sacrificing functionality.

A serious tool for serious work on creation and editing of complex content.

  • Suitable for complex rich content, which should look the same as on the site page or in the application.
  • It works on iframe, so you can connect any frontend framework to it to display styles, for example, Bootstrap, Bulma, etc. The styles inside an Article do not depend on the styles on the page where it is launched.
  • Supports markup of content inside the grids. Grids are customizable for any frontend framework.
  • Work with content is based on the block level, not the whole text. This means that the content is divided into independent editable areas. This allows to work with more complex content.
  • You can create your own blocks of content that can be interactive and composite, such as card, hero, slideshow, etc.
  • You can edit content that is inside div tags, including deep nesting.