Explore a vast array of plugins available for Redactor, and discover how to craft your very own for tailored editing experiences.

All plugins, except for AI Tools and Email Templates, are included in the standard editor package upon delivery.

Extends the capabilities of the editor with intelligent features such as text writing, grammar checking, translation into other languages, and so on, simplifying content creation and editing processes.

Like magic, this plugin empowers users to craft email templates directly within Redactor, seamlessly transforming the editor into a comprehensive email builder.

Offers seamless options for aligning text to the left, right, center, and justify, ensuring a polished and cohesive layout.

Enables users to effortlessly apply background colors to content blocks, enhancing visual appeal and distinction.

Adds customizable borders to content blocks, elevating document aesthetics with a touch of sophistication and visual structure.

Allows users to assign custom CSS classes to text blocks, enabling personalized styling and enhanced visual formatting within the editor.

Enables editing of individual block code within a popup, offering a focused and efficient modification experience.

Enriches text editing by enabling users to apply custom colors to text blocks, adding vibrancy and emphasis to their content.

Allows users to easily adjust the text size and line height for enitre text blocks.

Facilitates content organization by allowing users to assign unique IDs to content blocks, streamlining navigation and reference within documents.

Allowing users to adjust the padding around content blocks, improving visual spacing and layout.

Compiles a go-to collection of commonly used code snippets, text, and more for quick and easy access.

Provides real-time tracking of character and word counts, ensuring precise content length management.

Enhances the link insertion popup with a select input, allowing for the easy selection of predefined links.

Enriches the editor by seamlessly integrating a diverse range of emojis, adding expressive flair to digital content.

Streamlines the process of uploading or choosing a file from a list to effortlessly insert it as a link within the text.

Enables the customization of selected text color or background color, enhancing the visual appeal of your content.

Offers the flexibility to select a font family for highlighted text, personalizing the typographic style.

Facilitates the adjustment of font size in pixels for selected text, enabling precise typographic customization.

Maximizes the text editor window, offering an immersive and distraction-free writing environment.

Enables the insertion of SVG icons into content, enhancing visual appeal with scalable graphics.

Adds intuitive drag-and-drop resizing capabilities for images within the text editor, simplifying visual content adjustment.

Streamlines the creation and management of mathematical expressions, facilitating seamless integration into text.

Introduces an interactive list, such as user mentions, activated by typing "@" followed by text, enhancing engagement within the content.

Enables dynamic insertion of personalized tags into text, streamlining content customization and automation.

Integrates a convenient print function directly into the editor's toolbar, facilitating immediate document printing.

Streamlines code input by allowing users to insert pre-defined HTML snippets with ease, enhancing efficiency in text editing.

Enriches text editing by providing easy access to a wide array of special characters, enhancing content expressiveness.

Facilitates quick and efficient text editing by enabling the insertion of pre-designed HTML templates, streamlining the content creation process.

Empowers users to effortlessly switch text direction between right-to-left and left-to-right for individual content blocks.

Replaces short text snippets or words with frequently used predefined text, enhancing productivity and consistency in content creation.

Inserts predefined variables like [%username%] into the content, streamlining dynamic text customization.