Redactor Plugins

20 hand-crafted and tested solutions

Inline Style

Apply inline formatting to style text using "Style" dropdown.

Source Code

This plugin allows users to look through and edit text's HTML source code. Developers may extend and enhance this plugin to bring even more HTML-related source code features to the users. This plugin is only compatible with Redactor II 1.0.1 or higher.


This plugin enables source code highlighting, powered by CodeMirror. For all available settings and commands, please refer to CodeMirror User Manual.

This plugin is only compatible with Redactor II 1.0.1 or higher.

Text Alignment

Align text left, center or right

This plugin applies a specific class to selected text, allowing developers to tweak alignment precisely.


Insert and format tables with ease.


Expand Redactor to fill the whole screen. Also known as "distraction free" mode.

Font Size

Change the font size specified in pixels. Bigger sometimes is better.

Font Color

Set the text color and/or text background color.

Font Family

Choose a font family for selected text.


Enrich text with embedded video.

Image Manager

Upload or choose and insert images to tell a more visual story.

File Manager

Manage, upload, select files and place them anywhere in Redactor.


This plugin allows you to assign any id or class to any block tag (selected or containing cursor).

Predefined Links

Allow users to select predefined links from a list.

Uploadcare (on GitHub)

Upload media from multiple cloud sources and social networks, and manage files with plugin. No backend required


Create a dropdown of frequently used "snippets" of code, text, icons, emoji, you name it.


Limit the number of characters a user can enter.

Text Expander

Enter a short snippet of text or a word and this plugin will replace it to a frequently used predefined text. For example, enter "addrr" to have it replaced with your mailing address.

Text Direction

Easily change the direction of the text in a block element (paragraph, header, blockquote etc.).


Add a character counter.