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  • Fixed If you specify another language (not English), then in the plugins some language variables will not be visible.
  • Fixed Spans with a style attribute are removed from the headings when backspace or delete key is pressed.
  • Improved backspace key behavior in the lists.
  • Improved imageUpload custom function with promises for asynchronous work (please see the docs).


  • Fixed Sometimes autoparse callback doesn't work.
  • Fixed Enter button does not add a new line in between two images.
  • Fixed Underlined icon on the toolbar is not highlighted when text is underlined.
  • Fixed Placeholder does not disappear when ul/ol inserted in the empty editor.
  • Fixed Embedded code of tweets is not correct in output HTML of Redactor.
  • Fixed If the line of text is selected with a triple click and format, then the content below is also formatted.
  • Fixed The source.setCode method puts focus on Redactor, although it does not need to do this.
  • Improved Set fonts to the Fontfamily plugin from options (eg. fontfamily: ['PT Serif', 'PT Sans', 'Monospace']). Please update the plugin too.
  • Added The new setting imageFigure allows to turn off wrapping images with figure tag.
  • Added Slovenian translation


  • Fixed Browser (Chrome) crashes when clicking the right mouse button in the table.
  • Fixed Issue when an image's caption has a link.
  • Fixed In some cases the Air toolbar is not shown when text is selected.
  • Fixed Shortcut for underline doesn't work with Cmd-U.
  • Fixed API method disableReadOnly is not working.


  • Fixed Issue when pasting the string with double backslash.
  • Fixed Pasting lists and improved the clean for the pasted content from MS Word.
  • Fixed Add z-index variables in the variables.scss
  • Improved The plugin translation, please see: How to create a translation for a plugin.


1. The new architecture is for us a work of art and a special pride. Yes, we know that moving from the old API to the new one is not easy for you, but believe us, new opportunities compensate for your inconvenience. And we prepared a guide for the upgrading from the second version to the third.

2. jQuery-free, but you can use it with jQuery if you want to.

3. Improved drag-n-drop for images and texts inside the editor.

4. It's even easier to make your plugins, because of new API features, new modal windows, a new contextbar, a message system between the modules and a whole bunch of things.

5. A full-fledged breakline mode (markup with br) and the ability to markup with div tags.

6. Setting classes, styles, and attributes for any tags, including block tags, is vital for those who need to create emails in Redactor.

7. Shortcodes, type "h1." at the beginning of the paragraph, press space key and formatting takes place. If you write "p." then the heading will become a paragraph.

8. Now there are widgets. With widgets, it's easy to add any HTML code or interactive elements like google maps, tweets, instagram, etc. to the text.

9. Full formatting is available inside the tables. Many people asked about this.

10. Statusbar at the bottom of the editor, allows you to display additional information using plugins.

11. One toolbar for multiple editors on the page right out of the box.

12. Nineteen completely redesigned plugins and several new ones: Widget (to add snippets, embed code, tweets etc.), Variable (create and use variables as non-editable things in the content).

13. Not editable elements or blocks of text for creating templates in your content or for making other useful things.