• Added: Possibility to work inside iframe see examples and setting.
  • Added: Examples of how the editor works with different frontend frameworks.
  • Added: Ability to read and create layouts exclusively by classes, see detailed description and layout setting.
  • Added: Detailed description of How to noneditable works.
  • Added: Example of Get a block after pressing enter key.
  • Added: scrollOverflow setting that makes toolbar sticky programmatically to work if parent elements have overflow property.
  • Added: JSON content setting: ability for an image to specify width and height in the style attribute.
  • Added: AI Plugin - added a lot of events, including error event, which allows you to realize the possibility of receiving a message from the server that the limits are over, i.e. actually give a response from the server and enable the event, with JSON response.
  • Fixed: AI plugin - if content is not selected and click item in dropdown then spinner appears, although there is no request.
  • Fixed: AI Plugin - catch pressing enter to send request + shift+enter as line break.
  • Fixed: AI Plugin - if you make prompt inside todoitem or listitem, the logic is wrong, the returned text should become just todoitem or listitem.
  • Added: Email plugin - ability to get and set with getJson / setJson API methods.
  • Added: Email plugin - ability to set preset templates using Templates plugin. Please see the example.
  • Fixed: Email plugin - fails to read text and all other parameters when setting content via setContent.
  • Fixed: Email plugin - background color of body is not reset when setting template via setContent.
  • Fixed: If you paste plain text, it is not split into paragraphs
  • Improved: Emoji plugin implementation of keyboard work when panel is shown when entering colon (:).
  • Improved: Emoji plugin ability to translate default group names.
  • Improved: Many improvements in Fullscreen plugin.
  • Improved: Many improvements in Mention plugin.
  • Fixed: Sticky toolbar should not work if the editor is disabled.


  • Fixed: Global Redactor.settings override local settings
  • Fixed: AI Tools — If you select all and make a prompt in stream mode from dropdown then no spinner loading appears in the content
  • Fixed: Email plugin— text size for the block is not read by default from the email settings
  • Fixed: Email plugin - if there was no email-option with styles in the template by default, getContent will not return the changes
  • Fixed: Email plugin - modal position does not take into account the margin/padding of the editor
  • Fixed: Email plugin - email-options are not read when setting content via setContent
  • Improved: Many improvements in modals, dropdowns and context bar.
  • Improved: Many improvements in Imageresize plugin
  • Improved: Many improvements if maxHeight setting is enabled in editor.
  • Improved: Many improvements when working with table
  • Improved: Many improvements in Mention plugin
  • Added: Snippets plugin
  • Added: Templates plugin
  • Added: Example how to add undo/redo on the extrabar
  • Added: Example of working with Grammarly
  • Added: AI Tools —ability to recognize code return and code insertion


  • Fixed: Email plugin. Issue with spacing loss on undo/redo.
  • Fixed: Now Filelink plugin icon is available when clicking on any block.
  • Added: Output setting to synchronize content with any external element on the page.
  • Added: Setting to show context bar on click.
  • Added: Many new settings for Colorpicker. It is used in all plugins that add text or background color.
  • Added: Setting to disable visible outline when focusing in a block - block.outline setting.
  • Improved: A lot of improvements in dropdown and modals display.


  • Fixed: AI Plugin. Issue where multiple promt textareas could be in the content at the same time.
  • Fixed: Email Plugin. Issue with changing the link for a button.
  • Fixed: Email Plugin. Issue with changing the caption for a button.
  • Fixed: Email Plugin. Issue with changing the background of a wrapper if there is a button in it.
  • Fixed: Email Plugin. Issue with text formatting.
  • Fixed: Email Plugin. If you change the body and content settings via Style Panel, the changes were not reflected in the output code.
  • Fixed: Email Plugin. Alignment plugin does not work correctly.
  • Fixed: Email Plugin. Option to add/remove columns and rows of the table.
  • Fixed: If there is an image on the left side of the column, clicking on the right column does not cause the focus to be set to an empty paragraph.
  • Fixed: The undo and redo buttons are missing commands.
  • Fixed: The image upload popup does not work when url parameter is false.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when deleting the first column in the table.
  • Fixed: Issue with stickyOffsetTop setting when using Fullscreen plugin.
  • Fixed: Some small fixes in documentation and code.
  • Improved: AI and Email plugin translation.
  • Improved: Display the active item in Font Family and Font Size plugins if the cursor is in an inline tag with a style.
  • Added: Event ai.before.send for AI plugin.


  • Fixed: Duplicate command works incorrectly, inserting duplicate block in wrong position.
  • Fixed: If you create an empty paragraph and apply heading format to it, the cursor disappears and you can't type text.
  • Fixed: If you enable the nostyle setting, it is not possible to put your own css class.
  • Fixed: There is an error if you insert an image, but the editor is not configured to upload images.
  • Added: Setting of border disabling in the editor container.
  • Added: Example with limited formatting.


  • Added: Redactor integration guide with Angular.
  • Added: Detailed instructions on how to make Layouts and grids.
  • Added: Instructions on how todo (checklists) work in Redactor.
  • Improved: Many improvements to Outlook email displays.
  • Improved: Dark mode email display in email clients.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary padding of lists in content.
  • Fixed: When resizing an image and switching the code to source mode, the resizer remains in place.


  • Improved: many improvements and fixes in Email plugin
  • Improved: small fixes in image editing and Image resize plugin.


Redactor 4 Release!