Redactor Changelog

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  • Fixed Issue with pasted links in a text.
  • Improved Some improvements when a text inserting from MS Word


  • New The stylesClass setting allows to add your own class to the editor layer.
  • New The linkValidation setting turns off the validation when inserting links.
  • Fixed In some cases numbers with percent were inserted (pasted) incorrectly.
  • Fixed The launch mode for the div tag did not work.
  • Fixed Sometimes inserting plain text at the end of the editor caused an error.


  • New The keepInlineOnEnter setting keeps the inline tags (with styles) on the next line, when the user presses enter key.
  • Fixed Unwanted br tags at the end of paragraphs especially in Firefox
  • Fixed Buttons' tooltips visibility when the toolbarOverflow settings is turned on.
  • Fixed Incorrect cursor position after undo/redo.
  • Improved Some improvements on the paste event.


  • Fixed Inline formatting (including Font Color) did not work in Safari.


  • Fixed Change callback did not work for source mode (please update Source and Codemirror plugins)
  • Fixed Z-index issue for link tooltip in bootstrap modal
  • Fixed Undo/redo issue for multiple instances on the page
  • Fixed Lists pasted from Google Docs have unwanted paragraphs
  • Fixed In Firefox when pressed ctrl+a and align text, toolbar is also aligned
  • Fixed Autosave did not work when all content was selected with ctrl+a and deleted


  • Fixed Unwanted removing of empty paragraphs in the source code.
  • Fixed Image resizing issue.
  • Fixed Inserting special characters in the source code (please, update source and codemirror plugins if you are using their).
  • Fixed Wrapping embed video to the video-container (please, update video plugins if you are using it).
  • Fixed Loosing focus when pasting a link.
  • Fixed link.insert API method doesn't return a link element.
  • Fixed Now uploadStart and uploadBeforeSend callbacks have return false for the upload preventing.
  • Fixed Bug in the S3 upload module.


  • Fixed In some cases the html was not cleaned with the setting pastePlainText
  • Fixed In some pasted texts spaces were replaced to new lines in Firefox
  • Fixed The paste callback was not running in IE11
  • Fixed In some situations when formatting inline tags, the cursor was placed incorrect
  • Fixed The line button was shown in source mode.
  • Fixed The external toolbar in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed Applying styles when value contains spaces, eg 'Times New Roman" for font-family.
  • Fixed Multiple image & file selection with cmd or ctrl key for uploading


  • New The uploadBeforeSend callback.
  • New The buttonsTextLabeled option makes all buttons in the toolbar text labeled.
  • Fixed Bug in plugins Font Family, Size and Color, which the formatting is not applied, if the text is not selected.
  • Fixed Bug in storage.changes method, when uploaded images contain the absolute url.
  • Fixed Bug in Firefox, when the headings formatting broke the toolbar's styles.
  • Fixed The toolbar does not return to correct place, if all the text is selected and removed.
  • Fixed Some bugs in formattingAdd option.
  • Fixed Creating zero-width-space if the cursor is after the table.
  • Fixed Alignment plugin does not work with empty block tags.
  • Fixed The button tooltip does not hide in the fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed Remove styles from video container, especially when container has custom class.
  • Fixed The toolbarOverflow option does not work.
  • Fixed The pasteLinkTarget setting does not work with linkify.


  • Fixed Bold formatting in Firefox
  • Fixed Detection if the editor is empty to enable/disable placeholder
  • Fixed Issue when inserting a certain code in html-mode
  • Fixed Issue when the undo and keydown callback did not work after clipboard image upload
  • Fixed Pasting php code in pre
  • Improved Uploading multiple pictures in a row
  • Improved Clear inline formatting
  • Improved Exiting from blockquote when enter is pressed


  • Fixed The image is removed when press backspace in the text in some cases.
  • Fixed An unwanted non-breaking space is inserted with the Shift key pressed.
  • Fixed The backspace issue in Firefox.
  • Fixed The height of visual layer and source area did not match.
  • Fixed The issue with toolbarOffsetTop when content of the page is changed.


  • Fixed Some inline styles was removed if you cut and paste the text in the editor.
  • Fixed toolbarFixedTopOffset setting does not work on the mobile.
  • Fixed Pressing the toolbar buttons does not always happen the first time on mobile.
  • Fixed Focus issue when source code contains empty inline tags.


  • New callback imageDelete allows to prevent image deletion. Read more
  • Fixed Font color & highlight do not work together.
  • Fixed Table plugin compatibility with jQuery 3+
  • Improved The behavior of the caret by pressing backspace or delete


  • New Sharp and sleek icons in the toolbar by default. But you can still use text labels and custom icons for buttons.
  • Fixed Compatibility with Grammarly extension, we had to rename "redactor-editor" class to "redactor-layer" for that. This is important if you are setting any styles to the class "redactor-editor'.
  • Fixed The issue with indenting ol lists
  • Fixed The bug when styles were removed in the links.
  • Fixed The issue when tags with the styles were nested within each other.


  • New Font Size, Font Color, Font Family plugins
  • New imageInserted callback for Image Manager plugin
  • New removeNewlines setting, removes all new lines in the editor's source code
  • New scrollTarget setting, sets the parent element when the editor is inside a scrollable layer.
  • Fixed Floating caption when the image has a float position
  • Fixed Span tags are removed when pasting, if they were empty, but contained classes (e.g. icon classes)
  • Fixed Click-to-edit didn't work when a user clicked on an image
  • Fixed Multiple upload on drag and drop images on the editor directly
  • Fixed Selection using shift + arrow in the air toolbar
  • Fixed Formatting blockquote when a string is empty


  • Added "!default" parameter to all sass variables
  • Improved paste a text with links
  • Fixed an issue with outdenting lists
  • Fixed an encoding issue when a code tag is in a pre tag
  • Fixed an issue when sup and sub tags inserted incorrectly from MS Word
  • Fixed an issue when HTTP protocol added to relative links with the end jpg/png/gif (e.g. /media/xyz.jpg)


  • New disable a browser spell checking in as a setting
  • New source and visual callbacks for Source and Codemirror plugins
  • Improved pasting from Google Docs
  • Fixed when switching from Codemirror plugin appeared extra characters
  • Fixed sometimes when formatting lists, incorrectly determined the closest list.
  • Fixed the final HTML contained the extra newlines


  • New Re-introduce the image resizing and positioning - see example
  • New Callback before inserting a link - see beforeInsertingLink
  • New Setting allows to select the tag around the image (figure by default or paragraph) - see imageTag
  • Fixed Copy/Paste issue on iPad


  • New Options in code.set to prevent a change callback (see code.set)
  • Improved Pasting lists from MS Word
  • Improved Pasting in iOS
  • Fixed Inserting relative links i.e. /contact.php or /about.html
  • Fixed Sometimes when pasting from Google Docs loses inline formatting
  • Fixed Sometimes when formatting the image rendered in the header tag
  • Fixed Tab key does not always set the focus to the next input field correctly


  • New Setting linkNewTab setting "Open in new tab" checkbox checked by default for all new links
  • New imageEditable setting; when set to false, turns off image editing
  • Improved Pressing "Tab" key with tabAsSpaces set to true will not have effect when cursor is inside of list
  • Fixed Issue with removing some formatting in Edge, Firefox and IE11 is no more
  • Fixed Pressing Enter inside of a video-container doesn't create new video-containers
  • Fixed Minor issues with new empty lines in Firefox for Windows
  • Fixed Switching to code mode before setting focus to Redactor led to an empty line added to the top of content
  • Fixed Sometimes content didn’t save properly in FF
  • Fixed Occasionally, captions were not added to images with links
  • Fixed code.set didn’t trigger change callback


  • New New setting 'removeComments' that allows keeping HTML comments in code
  • New New setting 'replaceTags' for selecting whether certain tags ('i', 'b', strike', etc) should be replaced or left alone
  • New New setting 'pasteLinkTarget' allows applying a target to all links pasted from outside of Redactor
  • New Spans are back! Redactor will no longer strip span tags unless they have no attributes.
  • New jQuery 3 compatibility
  • Fixed Setting imageUploadFields doesn't break anything anymore
  • Fixed Image pasting from Word and other sites is back
  • Fixed insert.raw now makes sure that focus is inside of Redactor before inserting code
  • Fixed Modal "Cancel" button now respects language settings
  • Fixed Issue with nested em/strong/del tags when switching buttons in empty editor is no more
  • Fixed Link tooltip now appears instantly in all cases
  • Fixed Using 'inline.format' doesn't apply any formatting outside of the intended tag
  • Fixed 'buttonsHideOnMobile' setting now respects all plugins buttons as well


  • Fixed Switching between ordered and unordered lists doesn't freeze Chrome and Safari tabs anymore
  • Fixed Pasting into a formatted element works properly now
  • Fixed No more issues with Enter/Backspace and new lines in Chrome
  • Fixed Pasting into code formatting blocks works like a charm
  • Fixed In Air mode, no issues left with regards to leaving headings after creating them
  • Fixed Not setting focus to Redactor and switching to and from HTML code mode makes no impact on the code
  • Fixed Removing an image doesn't leave its figcaption in code anymore
  • Fixed No unwanted code will be added into iframe tag on switching to the code mode and back


  • Fixed Various pasting issues, including when pasting from MS Word, into formatted elements and pasting in iOS
  • Fixed Various issues with pasted text behavior, including issues with Enter key inside of pasted text, and text removal upon image removal from pasted text
  • Fixed Issue with 'insert.text' not properly placing focus into Redactor
  • Fixed Minor issue with 'clear' function of 'html.replace'
  • Fixed If text contained one or more Youtube links on init, toolbar could not be created
  • Fixed Redo buffer occasionally contained outdated actions
  • Fixed 'imageCaption: false' didn't remove caption input field from image modal window
  • Fixed In Firefox, selecting all and cutting/deleting didn't trigger change callback and autosave
  • Fixed Using only plugins in the toolbar, for example, when 'buttons: []' and 'plugins: ['source]', lead to an error
  • Fixed The toolbar didn't show up properly, when Redactor was in a hidden div and this div became visible


  • New Ruby Gem
  • New Angular Directive
  • Improved "tel:" protocol support in URLs
  • Improved Add "list" buttons to the toolbar by just adding li, ul, indent or outdent to buttons setting
  • Fixed Issues with extra figure tags added on Enter when inside of an existing figure tag
  • Fixed Issue in Edge when pressing bold, italic or deleted toolbar buttons wouldn't remove existing formatting
  • Fixed An issue with text inside of 'b' and 'i' tags not displaying


  • New Text Alignment plugin
  • Improved redactor.css now compiles from Sass
  • Improved Link tooltip positioning over multiline links
  • Improved Minor dropdown improvements
  • Fixed In IE11 pressing "Enter" led to screen jumping to the top for some users
  • Fixed Issue with pasted tables content
  • Fixed Incorrect href target was added to the links when "Open link in new tab" has been checked
  • Fixed Issue with pasting multiple lines into a list
  • Fixed Superscript did not work properly in Inline Style plugin
  • Fixed Occasionally, pasted text was not wrapped in a paragraph tag
  • Fixed Issue with apostrophe in URLs
  • Fixed Switching between visual mode and source code mode (using Source Code plugin) led to occasional divs removal
  • Fixed Sometimes deleting an item from a list split the list in two
  • Fixed In Air Mode, it was not possible to copy text from a surrounding web page
  • Fixed Undo and redo worked unreliably with 'pre' tag
  • Fixed If selected text contained multiple links, "Unlink" option did not appear in Link dropdown
  • Fixed Caret occasionally got stuck in center after inserting an image


  • New Pictures got figcaption with imageCaption setting
  • New Paste screenshots from clipboard in Firefox, Chrome & IE. See clipboardImageUpload setting
  • New Upload multiple images at once. See multipleImageUpload setting
  • New Amazon S3 upload error handling. See updated imageUploadError callback
  • New Embedded videos could be made responsive easier with videoContainerClass setting
  • New Multiple placeholder methods for detecting, activating, hiding and showing placeholders
  • New Many API methods, callbacks and settings were renamed for better naming consistency. For now, Redactor is backward compatible meaning you can use either old or new names, however, we encourage you to switch your code to new naming at your earliest convenience.
  • Improved Rich-text paste from within Redactor and from outside Redactor. See pasteBlockTags, pasteInlineTags, pastePlainText, pasteLinks and pasteImages settings
  • Improved When an image is drop on top of another image, the old one gets replaced with the new one
  • Improved When a link was unlinked on purpose, linkify will ignore such link
  • Improved When all text between two lists is deleted, the lists got joined together
  • Improved A video inserted by a linkify feature now posted outside of a paragraph
  • Improved Embedded videos are responsive by default
  • Improved Counter plugin now can begin counting immediately on init
  • Fixed code.get returns old content after code.set, didn't trigger change callback
  • Fixed Issue with toolbar visibility when placed inside of a hidden Bootstrap tab
  • Fixed Using Delete inside of paragraphs in some cases led to image's figure to merge with text
  • Fixed Placeholder didn't disappear when using code.set
  • Fixed In Source Code plugin, content entered in HTML code mode didn't get saved
  • Fixed Save/Cancel callbacks triggered multiple times after first trigger
  • Fixed Clicking on an image in blurred Redactor led to unwanted scroll
  • Fixed Anchor tag in some cases got outside of block tags
  • Fixed Line button looked available in Source and Codemirror plugins
  • Fixed Switching to HTML code in CodeMirror plugin led to Redactor's toolbar vertical center alignment on a page if toolbar was fixed
  • Fixed focus: false didn't work after code.set
  • Fixed Dropdowns cannot be scrolled by dragging scrollbar
  • Fixed Error in S3 executeOnSignedUrl callback when there was a "?" in URL
  • Fixed Issue with occasional 'br' tags popping up between paragraphs
  • Fixed Issue with non-latin languages in URLs, especially in Link tooltips
  • Deprecated linkProtocol and toolbarCustom settings. Both settings considered redundant and could be easily replaced with existing API methods.
  • DeprecatedimageDelete callback. Replaced by new storage.changes method and no longer needed.

  • See Redactor 1.2 Release Notes for more details about these changes.


  • New Parameters, forms and fields for uploads — imageUploadFields, imageUploadForms and fileUploadFields, fileUploadForms
  • New Setting airWidth for Air toolbar
  • New Block tag Properties Plugin. This plugin allows to assign any id or class to any block tag
  • New Animation setting to turn on and off dropdown animation
  • Improved Major improvements and refactoring of insert, linkify, keydown, dropdown and modal functions
  • Improved Toolbar positioning method improved
  • Improved Line button is disabled wherever it cannot be inserted (headings, lists, etc)
  • Improved XSS security
  • Fixed Inserting links as anchor tags made cursor move to a wrong position
  • Fixed Inserting images using external URL (linkify) added unwanted code in some cases
  • Fixed Change callback triggers on modal window open
  • Fixed Deleting first item in a list makes cursor move to a wrong position
  • Fixed Minor issues with deleting images
  • Fixed In Source Code plugin, data entered in Code, didn’t save properly
  • Fixed Issue with incorrect list alignment in right-to-left languages
  • Fixed Change callback didn’t work properly with inline settings
  • Fixed In Safari, indentation of a parent list item created an extra list item
  • Fixed If there’s an image in Redactor upon init, change callback triggered
  • Fixed Undo/Redo didn’t trigger change callback and didn’t show in code
  • Fixed When Redactor is launched over a div, Source plugin didn’t work


  • Fixed Unable to add links using "Link" button if a link began with http
  • Fixed Unable to delete pre
  • Fixed New unwanted paragraphs were added when using down arrow at the end of pre
  • Fixed Issue with pre content being wrapped in span on Delete in some cases
  • Fixed Minor issue with core.destroy and Plugins (this.opts.plugins)
  • Fixed Delete lead to unwanted image deletion in some cases
  • Fixed Pressing Shift, Command/Control, Alt triggered change callback
  • Improved Multiple minor improvements of pre handling


  • Fixed Redactor attempted to upload 'null' when an image was dropped while image uploads turned off
  • Fixed Unable to undo Shift + Enter
  • Fixed Issue in iOS when scrolling through an image in Redactor launched Image Edit modal window
  • Fixed Dropdowns didn’t close upon clicking on other buttons in toolbar (on desktops and mobile)
  • Fixed Sometimes cursor got stuck below inserted images
  • Fixed Issue with inline style inheritance by new paragraphs
  • Fixed Console error when inputting Enter in Firefox with placeholder
  • Fixed In Firefox Backspace didn’t work at the beginning of paragraphs
  • Fixed Issue in Firefox with pasted plain text being formatted incorrectly
  • Fixed Change callback didn’t work when table, image or iframe were pasted
  • Improved Preventing excessive automatic zoom on mobile devices
  • Improved Images inserted as HTML code using Source Code and CodeMirror plugins now can be edited in visual mode as well
  • Improved Inline formatting in headings and tables
  • Improved Option to add   using Shift + Space shortcut
  • Deprecated toolbarOverflow setting. This setting caused subpar user experience on mobile devices


Redactor II 1.0

  • New Text Toolbar
  • New Ultimate inline editing: Click-to-Edit + Air mode
  • New Custom Toolbar
  • New Paste plain text (always)
  • New Unified Linkify URL conversion for links, images and videos
  • New Inline Style plugin
  • New 30% smaller (only 75 KB minified)
  • Deprecated Code mode (and related APIs and callbacks)
  • Deprecated Font size, Font color, Font family plugins
  • Deprecated Linebreaks mode
  • Deprecated Allowed and Denied tags, and all cleanup-related settings, APIs and callbacks
  • Deprecated All tag replacement settings, APIs and callbacks
  • Deprecated Dozens of redundant methods, settings and callbacks.