SCSS Framework


This is a SCSS framework, methodology, principles for creating design and CSS/HTML of websites.


Ideologically Superkube implies modular and reusable HTML and CSS code.


Superkube is 3x smaller than similar frameworks. Because there is nothing superfluous in it.


Superkube is built with the design system in mind. Every detail in it has a system logic.

CSS Grid

Inside Superkube are flexible and reliable grid with the number of columns you need.

Dark Mode

Superkube has built-in mechanisms for creating and switching dark themes on the fly.


Superkube is licensed under MIT. It is absolutely free for personal or commercial use.

What is the SCSS framework?

Superkube has a basic set of modules, spacing, color variables, mixins, functions and many other tools to build the final CSS of your project.

SCSS Framework

Javascript Agnostic

Superkube contains only SCSS and does not contain Javascript. Because Superkube is independent of the implementation, you build the environment you need.

Design System Starter Kit

A set of elements for building design systems. It is designed to speed up and simplify all routine work when creating a design system.

Cheat Sheet

This is a PDF file with all built-in functions, mixins, and modules.