Design algorithm

There is a design algorithm that always leads to good results. It consists of four steps, following from one to the next, and at each step, you create a solid and finished layer of your work.

Each completed step is already a success and a result. You won't have to jump chaotically from choosing colors and understanding how to make the text on cards to what the main visualization of overall app should be. You move right on to completion.

1. Content

The first step is to understand what kind of content you're working with, what text, images and other components there are.

2. Structure

The second is to emphasize the primary and secondary, to separate the text with headings. Understand what blocks the content can be divided into and what relationships are formed.

3. Layout

The third step is to create a layout that reflects the idea and best represents the content and its structure. The way the design should work.

4. Style

And finally, the fourth step: style, color, and other visual details. The way the design should look.

Most of the time, designers go around in circles, coming up with a solution, then going back again. When creating a design, some begin by searching for a color palette; some make a big hero title, a focal illustration, or start by finding an overall design style. Each of these ways leads to wasted time and constant redoing of what's already done.

Say you choose a font and colors, and then immediately start implementing the design idea, making dummy texts and inserting placeholder images. Then you get the actual content of the interface, and everything becomes completely different.

You've made big and short headings when in fact, they're going to be long. You've planned many beautiful details, but there's nowhere for them to go in the actual content. In the end, the whole style doesn't fit the content because the colors and fonts you've chosen don't reflect the purpose and direction of the project.

Working on typography and design doesn't start with choosing a font or text size but with understanding what kind of content you'll be working with. Only content can give you an idea of what techniques and approaches to design it and what style it might have. Only the content and structure can tell you what fonts, text sizes, and other typography parameters to use.

Start by choosing any font, no matter what kind, such as just the familiar, versatile, and popular the 'Inter' typeface. Then just sketch out all the content in one font size on the canvas. Now you can think about the structure and then how to design the layout and create a style.

The design algorithm works for any type of project, whether you're creating a content website or dashboard or mobile app.

The design algorithm works for any type of project.

By working sequentially from step to step, you will create a robust design that is complete and logical at each step. This will improve your work and take you to the next level.