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This section is about how to make address fields in the form that are easy to fill out.

01Address fields

Usually, a good strategy for improving the form is to minimize fields, merge them, and simplify the form. In the case of address input, the rules change. Combining address fields into a single input may not be a good idea.

It's not good to combine address in a single input.
It is good when the address form has detailed fields. It helps to fill it out faster and reduces the risk of errors and typos.

02Selection a region

If the field is optional, it doesn't need to be shown in the form. This is a very simple principle that always works. In many countries, the state or region does not matter when you enter an address. Therefore, it makes no sense to show an extra field.

It is always best to hide the state or region input if it does not matter in the user's chosen country. Or conversely, show the state field if you selected a country where it is relevant.

The state input is optional and makes no sense in the specified country.
If the region or state is optional in the specified country, you do not need to show its input.