$editor #

Access to the Dom of the editor element.

var html =$editor.html();

content.set #

html String

Sets content to the editor.'<p>Hello world!</p>');

content.get #

Gets content from the editor.

var html =;

content.insert #

html String

Inserts content to the editor.'<p>Hello world!</p>');

is #

element Node Nodelist Dom

Checks if the element is the editor.

var is =;

isSourceMode #

Checks if the editor in the source mode.

var is =;

isSelectedAll #

Checks if all blocks in the editor selected.

var is =;

setSelectedAll #

Selects all blocks in the editor.;

Unselects blocks in the editor.;

isEmpty #

Checks if the editor empty.

var is =;

empty #

Sets the editor empty.;

rebuild #

Rebuilds blocks and editor events, for example, after adding a new block manually.;

blocks.get #


  • type (optional) String

Gets the Dom wrapped blocks from the editor.

var $blocks =;
var $blocks ='editable');
var $blocks ='first-level');
var $block ='first');

images.get #

Checks which images have been removed from the content.

var changes =;
for (var key in changes) {
    if (changes[key].status === false) {
        // element was deleted
    else {
        // element is still in the content