• Improved: The work of multiple editors on the page.
  • Improved: Parsing noneditable blocks.
  • Improved: Encoding inside pre and code tags.
  • Improved: Copy and Cut feature.
  • Fixed: Code synchronization when switching from source mode to visual editing.
  • Fixed: The setting quote: false does not turn off the block from addbar.


  • New: Article Editor now supports multiple selections of blocks with holding Cmd/Ctrl + click.
  • New: Added inline formatting with classes and attributes. Please, see the example.
  • New: Now, uploading images supports the insertion of images from the clipboard.
  • New: Alignment has been added for image blocks. Don't forget to implement alignment classes on your website where you are publishing the content from Article Editor. Please, see the docs.
  • Improved: Working with nested layers if it is a div or a column of the grid.
  • Improved: Pasting from Google Docs.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.


  • Improved: Undo & Redo work dramatically improved.
  • Improved: Catching drag and drop when text is dropped from the page into the editor.
  • Improved: The ability to specify exception blocks when adding buttons for the toolbar and control bar. See the description.
  • Improved: Plugins Reorder, Variable, and Selector.
  • Added: Disabling the keyboard shortcuts popup with the setting.
  • Added: The blur event when the editor lose focus.
  • Added: Specifying the json object directly to the setting for snippets and templates.
  • Fixed: If a block is selected entirely and a cut is pressed, the block is deleted.
  • Fixed: if there is only a link in a paragraph, then pressing backspace at the beginning of the paragraph has incorrect behavior.
  • Fixed: Scrolling issue in Firefox.




Meet Article Editor. Our new super WYSIWYG editor for creating content with grids, templates, embed code, layers, images, etc.