• Fixed: Issue with redo command and state.
  • Fixed: Adding timestamp to custom css links.


  • Fixed: Formatting issue when placing the cursor at the end of a paragraph and pressing backspace.
  • Fixed: The cell itself is deleted when you click delete before the text in a table cell.
  • Fixed: Issue when the getDocNode function caused an error.
  • Fixed: The "clean" comments settings doesn't work all the time.


  • Fixed: The undo/redo buttons in the topbar do not work.
  • Fixed: The heading class is deleted when formatting to another heading tag.
  • Fixed: Issue when formatting a list into a paragraph.
  • Added: event when an item is created in the list. See docs.


  • Fixed: When deleting an image, the 'image.remove' event does not return the data-image attribute (id of the image).
  • Fixed: If the grid column is at the bottom of the content, the popup extends beyond the screen.
  • Added: The Clips plugin.


  • New: API method placeholder.change.
  • New: Setting editor.csscache (disabling the timestamp for linked css).
  • Fixed: Popup data does not save by enter url.
  • Fixed: The issue if alt text has quotes in the image.


  • Fixed: Technical styles remain in lists when getting content with API.
  • Improved: Lots of small improvements.


  • Fixed: The Handle plugin does not work correctly if a different trigger character is specified, such as #.
  • Fixed: Editor switch automatically into a multi-select mode when using ctrl-k to create a link.
  • Fixed: When adding an image, embed and grid the "X" to close the popup is wrongly positioned.
  • Fixed: When the editor is empty, clicking in any area should set a focus on the first paragraph.


  • Fixed: In some cases it is not possible to insert an image if the text has an empty inline or block tag.
  • Fixed: If you set control to be false in the settings, it crashes when you call 'app.stop' method.
  • Fixed: The data-image attribute is not set for uploaded images.


  • New: The embed.checkbox setting.
  • Improved: Some small improvements and fixes.


  • Some fixes in synchronization, destroying, and some other methods.


  • Added: Remove format plugin.
  • Added: Image resize plugin.
  • Added: Setting shortcutsRemove to turn off certain shortcuts .
  • Added: Feature to turn off enter key
  • Added: The setting to show the image width input in the editing popup.
  • Added: Setting toolbar.hide to hide buttons on the toolbar.
  • Added: Setting embed.script to remove the script tag when inserting embed code.
  • Fixed: In the source mode the editor.blur event gets fired only once.
  • Fixed: After formatting the ol lists did not get the reorder button.
  • Fixed: Issue is when clicking the add button again if the popup has already been opened.


  • Fixed: Pasting images from text when copied from Word.
  • Fixed: Issue with pasting lists from Word.
  • Fixed: The paste.clean setting does not turn off cleanup when content is pasted.
  • Fixed: If clean.enter is turned off, the id attribute is not deleted when a new paragraph is created.
  • Fixed: The responsive embed div is removed if it has more than one class.


  • Fixed: If there is an underline in the text, there is an error when formatting bold/italic.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when editing a link if it does not have an href attribute.
  • Fixed: The shortcuts popup has incorrect shortcuts for unordered and ordered lists.
  • Fixed: If there are quotes around the inline tag, there is a parsing error of content.
  • Fixed: Variable should not be parsed if it is inside an href attribute.
  • Improved: The working of popup events if it is already open
  • Added: Method block.isType — a quick way to detect in which block the selection is.
  • Added: Events adding and deleting a link for an image.


  • Fixed: Sometimes the sequential insertion of variables creates an empty variable at the end.
  • Fixed: Deleting a block pressing the delete key the "block.remove" event doesn't trigger broadcast.
  • Improved: Minor improvements of the paste, cut, copy events.
  • Improved: Behavior when pressing enter in empty paragraphs and headings.
  • Improved: Behavior when adding the new paragraph if the cursor is in an empty paragraph or header.


  • Added: Filelink plugin helps to insert a file as a link.
  • Improved: Some minor improvements in the Math plugin.


  • Added: Math plugin with support expressions of Katex and MathJax libraries.
  • Added: Parameters when creating a block instance with app.create.
  • Added: Event editor.ready when the document of the editor frame is loaded.
  • Fixed: In some cases the cursor does not return to its position after undo.


  • Added: Ability to assign a class to a block type. Please see the setting classes.
  • Added: Ability to change the autosave request method. Please see the setting autosave.
  • Added: Ability to launch Article in disabled mode and control enable/disable state with API. Please, see the example.
  • Added: The Image position plugin to add float left or right to the images.
  • Fixed: When table, line, quote or other blocks are disabled, their buttons continue to be shown in addbar.
  • Fixed: Issue with the link url if it has an ampersand.


  • Improved: Copy/paste work if a content block contains a style attribute.
  • Improved: Drag and drop images inside the content.
  • Improved: Work with the grid if a column in it has no class, for example, in the UI Kit framework.
  • Fixed: There is no translation of some words in the language file.
  • Fixed: stickyTopOffset does not turn off when switching to source mode.
  • Fixed: If there is no text in the editor and insert ol list, it will be ul.


  • Fixed: Incorrect making a new item after pasting the list and pressing enter.
  • Improved: Removing javascript / alert and 'on' events in tag attributes.


  • Fixed: Issue with link formatting in lists.
  • Fixed: Issue with upload.complete method when using the custom image upload function.


  • Fixed: Issue when calling the app start/stop API.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when editing a block with the blockcode plugin, the content inside the block is not parsed correctly.
  • Fixed: If the cursor is in a table cell, the wrong behavior occurs when deleting row.


  • New: Drag and drop blocks into Article content. See the example.
  • New: The popup open and close events.
  • New: API to add buttons in the toolbar when no block is selected.
  • New: Six new plugins.
  • Improved: Popup UI improvements.
  • Fixed: A lot of minor fixes.


  • New: Setting which turns off padding inside the editable layer.
  • Fixed: html and body with 100% height specified in the custom css affect the height of iframe.
  • Fixed: When the right Cmd (on Mac) is pressed, the wrong behavior occurs.
  • Fixed: Article doesn't have a height if there is no content with custom css.


  • Release of Article Editor 2.0.
  • Ability to work with grids of different frameworks. Adding and editing slideshows, cards, and other components of the site page.
  • A lot of new API methods and events to make it easy to create your own plugins and expand Article your needs.
  • The ability to create and add custom blocks.
  • And there's a lot more.


  • Fixed: The issue occurred in Safari when embed code, vimeo or youtube video was inserted.


  • New: Shortcut ctrl+k (Win) or cmd+k (Mac) to open the link popup.
  • Improved: Cleansing garbage styles and classes when inserted from Pages.
  • Fixed: Parsing error if the initial code or source mode has html comment with a link.
  • Fixed: Uploading multiple images when dropped outside the block.


  • Improved: Undo/redo by clicking outside the editor
  • Improved: UI behavior with rtl direction
  • Fixed: The target attribute of the link is not removed.
  • Fixed: In some cases the unlink button does not work for links.
  • Fixed: if the code tag is specified in the template settings for the code, the pre tag is deleted.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the encode for pre or tag code content does not work correctly.


  • New: Vue component example.
  • Improved: Protection against XSS in link insertion and editing.
  • Fixed: The changes are not saved if typing the code in source mode.


ES6 and webpack export. Please see docs.


Small UI improvements.


  • Fixed: When blocks are removed sequentially, the output code is synchronized incorrectly.
  • Improved: Some improvements to sanitize code when inserting svg and script tags (Please update the blockcode plugin too).
  • Improved: UI improvements.


  • Fixed: Issue with scroll freezing Firefox.
  • Fixed: Issue with drag and drop images inside the content.
  • New: The setting to turn off the block multiple selection, please see this setting.
  • New: Button in the image modal to delete the image.
  • New: Now you can set the JSON object to specify already uploaded images, please see the setting.


  • Fixed: Code is not synchronized when inserting a template.
  • Fixed: A custom tag (e.g. section) for the layer block does not work.


  • Fixed: Link without href in the code causes an error.
  • Fixed: By pressing enter at the beginning of the editable block, the controls are not moved down with it.


This update includes many UI and UX enhancements. Here are the two most important features we have added: sorting blocks with keyboard shortcuts and previewing templates in the popup.

  • New: The setting editor.control which turns off control panel for editable blocks.
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts Cmd+Shift+Up and Cmd+Shift+Down for moving lines up and down (Ctrl+Shift+Up and Ctrl+Shift+Down on Win).
  • New: Tooltips for toolbar buttons.
  • Improved: Preview in for templates and snippets inside their popups.
  • Improved: A lot of UI and UX improvements (Please update all plugins if you use them in your installation).
  • Fixed: Z-index issue in bootstrap modal.
  • Fixed: Styles of form buttons and links were not saved in output.
  • Fixed: Dragged image from another tab or browser window is not inserted.
  • Fixed: The shortcut text may not have been shown in the shortcuts popup.


  • Fixed: Sometimes the popup of inserting a link does not appear when selecting text.


  • Fixed: Code pasting into source mode does not work.
  • Fixed: When switching to code mode, popup is not hidden
  • Improved: Lots of UI improvements.
  • Improved: The new and unified codemirror setting that will affect any code entry in Article.


  • Fixed: Sometimes the uploaded image is added outside the empty grid column.
  • Fixed: The progress bar at the top of the page does not appear when images uploading starts.
  • Improved: Some minor UI improvements.


  • Improved: The work of multiple editors on the page.
  • Improved: Parsing noneditable blocks.
  • Improved: Encoding inside pre and code tags.
  • Improved: Copy and Cut feature.
  • Fixed: Code synchronization when switching from source mode to visual editing.
  • Fixed: The setting quote: false does not turn off the block from addbar.


  • New: Article Editor now supports multiple selections of blocks with holding Cmd/Ctrl + click.
  • New: Added inline formatting with classes and attributes. Please, see the example.
  • New: Now, uploading images supports the insertion of images from the clipboard.
  • New: Alignment has been added for image blocks. Don't forget to implement alignment classes on your website where you are publishing the content from Article Editor. Please, see the docs.
  • Improved: Working with nested layers if it is a div or a column of the grid.
  • Improved: Pasting from Google Docs.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.


  • Improved: Undo & Redo work dramatically improved.
  • Improved: Catching drag and drop when text is dropped from the page into the editor.
  • Improved: The ability to specify exception blocks when adding buttons for the toolbar and control bar. See the description.
  • Improved: Plugins Reorder, Variable, and Selector.
  • Added: Disabling the keyboard shortcuts popup with the setting.
  • Added: The blur event when the editor lose focus.
  • Added: Specifying the json object directly to the setting for snippets and templates.
  • Fixed: If a block is selected entirely and a cut is pressed, the block is deleted.
  • Fixed: if there is only a link in a paragraph, then pressing backspace at the beginning of the paragraph has incorrect behavior.
  • Fixed: Scrolling issue in Firefox.




Meet Article Editor. Our new super WYSIWYG editor for creating content with grids, templates, embed code, layers, images, etc.