Why this book

This book is about how to make good typography for user interfaces. There is no boring excursion into the history of fonts with many obscure terms. On the contrary, I tried to make materials understandable, simple, and with a maximum of illustrations that immediately explain what is being said.

This book gives you everything you need to understand how to work with any text for any interface, from websites to mobile applications. The book has a theoretical part about the fundamentals of typography and the principles and a practical part about building layouts and elements of typography.

User Interface Typography is a guidebook you can open anywhere, have at your fingertips, and get the information you need while working on your project.

Some of the principles and tricks described in the book are actually not just about typography, but about creating quality UI design in general. So you'll find a lot of useful things to improve your work and take it to another level.

Who is it for

The book is suitable for designers, developers and anyone involved in the process of creating UI. You're sure to find something useful for yourself, no matter if you're just starting your way in design or already have some experience.