Redactor II — WYSIWYG Text Editor

Advanced, clean and smooth, Redactor Rich Text Editor offers an excellent immersive user experience. Small and robust, Redactor is the #1 choice for thousands of professional developers worldwide.

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Designed as framework

200 API methods & callbacks


Loved by developers

7000+ paid clients worldwide


Crafted to perfection

7 years of development

What developers say about us

Cheers for Redactor guys, absolutely loving it!

Stephen Radford, ‏@steve228uk

I just pasted in a word doc, and love the way you've stripped the weirdness!

Chris Gratigny, @cgratigny

Redactor — another excellent WYSIWYG alternative, this time piggybacking jQuery functionality

Si Jobling, ‏@Si

The best WYSWIYG editor we have used. Fast, powerful, extendable and looks great; with quality support thrown in - it's not surprising we are very happy with our decision to use Redactor.

Chris Padfield, CEO, DeskPro

Clear Documentation

Simple, searchable Documentation helps you reach your goals faster. Just type a query to access API methods, Callbacks, Examples or Frequently Asked Questions.


Tons of Examples

Want to see, how it works or how it’s done? Follow dozens and dozens of simplified examples, that provide clear insights into Redactor’s functionality.


Great Plugins

It is remarkably easy to add absolutely new functionality to Redactor with Plugins. Redactor offers 15 beautiful default plugins that will cover most of your needs out-of-the-box.

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