Create the email template

Revolvapp uses simplified syntax for email templates. This allows you to create the design of emails quickly, simply and not think about how the template will work. Because the editor based on the syntax generates tested and ready-made pieces of HTML code that will look the same in all the major mail clients.

To learn how to create Revolvapp templates, you can start by looking at the template that comes with the editor.

Base template

A typical email template includes three main areas: header, main, and footer.

Here is the syntax:

                <re-image src="path-to-logo.jpg"></re-image>

See more on template creation and all tags .

Save template and set up

Save the made template to an html file and specify the path to the template when launching Revolvapp.

Revolvapp('#myemail', {
    editor: {
        path: '/revolvapp-dist/',
        template: '/my-folder/template.html'