Fast & Lightweight Text Editor

Redactor X

Ultra-modern editor with powerful API capabilities, a wide range of settings, good documentation and tons of integration examples.


Redactor X is a simple and fast tool for everyday tasks of creating and editing texts on the web

Look at the difference from the classic Redactor.

Redactor X is a JavaScript application

Can be integrated into a CMS or any website

Has simple UI, extremely powerful inside.

One time-payment, not a subscription.


Manipulate blocks of content to create really rich content for the modern web. Just by adding a block.

You can also create your own ready-made blocks, including composite ones, such as heading and text.


Drag and drop, copy from clipboard, select from uploaded images. All in one Redactor X.

Image Position

Redactor X is extensible, you can connect the Image position plugin and make an image on the left, right or center in two clicks.


Turn off the toolbar in Redactor X, enable context and control bar.

Look at how it works.


It is easy to insert and edit with Redactor X: tweets, instagram photos, google maps, youtube videos and any other embeds.

Add Embed

Buy Redactor X.

One time-payment, not a subscription.


Explore Redactor X.

The simple documentation helps you reach your goals faster.

A lot of examples that show the possibilities of Redactor X.

Here are some plugins that show the power of Redactor X.