Handcrafted plugins for Redactor X. See how to create your own plugin.

Align text left, center, right or justify. This plugin applies a specific class to selected text.

BeyondGrammar allows you to integrate grammar checking, spell checking, style improvements, and terminology checking.

The Block Code plugin allows to edit separately the code of each block in the popup.

Create a list of frequently used snippets of code, text, icons, emoji, you name it.

Add a character and word counter.

Allow users to select predefined links from a list.

This plugin helps to upload or select a file from a list and insert it as a link in the text.

Allow users to get the @mentions feature with an inline dropdown.

Insert HTML and SVG icons to the content.

Makes the image on the right, left or center of the text.

This plugin allows to resize the image width and height.

Apply inline formatting to style text using dropdown.

Removes inline format from the selected text.

This plugin allows you to edit and assign ID or CSS class to block tags.

Select and insert special characters from the dropdown.

Easily change the direction of the text in a block tag (paragraph, header, blockquote etc.).

Enter a short snippet of text or a word and this plugin will replace it to a frequently used predefined text.

This plugin adds the underline button on the toolbar.