Email Template Editor


This is an email templates editor. It helps to create and edit
email visually. Just get a copy and integrate with your product.

Revolvapp is a Javascript application,
so it integrates easily with your CMS, website, SaaS etc.


All templates, blocks, and snippets tested on all major mail clients


100% responsive emails both on the desktop and on mobile devices

These are examples of the kind of template you can create and edit in Revolvapp. They show the power and flexibility of Revolvapp.

One time-payment, not a subscription.

Use simplified template syntax to create your emails faster.

See how to create the template in Revolvapp.

<re-main background-color="#fff" padding="36px 0">
    <re-block align="center" margin="20px 0">
    <re-block align="center" margin="20px 0">
    <re-block align="center" margin="20px 0">
        <re-image src="image.jpg"></re-image>

Tonz of pre-made blocks and snippets in one click.

See how can add your own block.

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Create emails visually and change everything you want.

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Get the completely responsive emails and send them with your favorite mail-service.

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One time-payment, not a subscription.

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A lot of examples that show the possibilities of Revolvapp.

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