• Fixed: if image upload setting turned off it doesn't stop the uploading of images.
  • Added: the composed and changed events to catch rendering of the template and changes of blocks (Please see the docs)


  • Fixed: sometimes a bug occurs if Revolvapp and Redactor work on the same page.


  • Fixed: Plain text is not pasted in some cases.


  • Fixed: In some cases the color picker going offscreen.
  • Fixed: Cannot add another block without refreshing page when there are no blocks within a card.
  • Fixed: The iframe does not seem to resize correctly when adding an image block.


  • Fixed: Text changes are not affected in results of getting data through getHtml or getTemplate API and with callbacks.


  • Fixed: Changed callback sometimes causes errors and does not start for editable text.
  • Improved: Automatic frame height adjustment.
  • Improved: Setting the border-radius attribute for the blocks.


  • Added: Additional tools for cards settings (padding, border).
  • Added: Additional tools for blocks settings (background, border).
  • Added: Keyboard Shortcuts. Please see the docs article Shortcuts
  • Improved: Some UI improvements.
  • Fixed: Some minor bugs.


Release of Revolvapp.