• Fixed: Sometimes lists in outlook are centered.
  • Fixed: Sometimes preheader text is visible in outlook.
  • Fixed: Classes of tbody and thead are deleted.


  • Fixed: Issue in the image width set when rendering content.
  • Fixed: Issue with move block up/down shortcuts not working.
  • Fixed: If the editor is in code mode, the API method getTemplateSource gives the result without changes in the template code.


  • Fixed: Issue with displaying backgrounds in Yahoo Mail.


  • Fixed: Issue with setting element properties when another element is clicked on.
  • Fixed: Some minor improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed: The issue of the enter key working in popup.
  • Fixed: Some improvements to template parsing.


  • Improved: Some improvements to template parsing.
  • Improved: Parsing font-family and other attributes in links.
  • Fixed: Reorder plugin when sorting re-grid tags.


  • Fixed: Sometimes empty-spaces between the words get lost after pasting from Word.


  • Added: Creating links in lists.
  • Improved: Pasting from Word.
  • Fixed: Pasting text into buttons, lists, and links.
  • Fixed: If the cursor goes outside the box when the text is selected, then the component is out of focus.


  • Improved: Some improvements in viewOnly mode
  • Improved: Working in the Bootstrap 5 modal window.


  • Fixed: When an image is uploaded, the height of the content does not autoresize.
  • Fixed: The text font size does not change instantly when pressing up/down in the number input.
  • Fixed: Different issues in Firefox when navigating a template using the arrow keys and working enter key.


  • Added: New API insertContent method to insert blocks into a template as html.
  • Added: The ability to pass additional parameters when uploading an image.
  • Added: Inserting lists into the template using the Add menu.
  • Added: Ability to disable the removal of any blocks or tags in the template, while keeping them editable. See the example.
  • Fixed: If the image is uploaded, then in the generated html will not be set its width attribute.
  • Fixed: If the cursor is at the beginning of the text then the arrow up/left does not work to go to the prev block.
  • Fixed: In some cases, pasting from Word does not remove garbage tags.


  • Fixed: In some cases, pressing enter in the text does not work.
  • Fixed: Sometimes an error occurs when pasting and copying text inside Revolvapp.


  • Improved: Lots of UI improvements
  • Fixed: Issue when deleting text within list items.
  • Fixed: The editor.change event does not fire if a template is inserted with API.


  • Fixed: In some cases the link in the image did not change.


  • Fixed: In some cases, Safari freezes when editing a template.
  • Fixed: An error occurs on keydown in the list.
  • Fixed: The color of text in lists does not change.
  • Fixed: The list type is not kept in the generated html or when switching to source mode.
  • Fixed: The styles and attributes of a list item are not kept when changing the list type.
  • Fixed: If the list is selected and the selection is out of editing area boundaries, it will not be in focus when typing in the list and the changes will not be saved.
  • Fixed: When changing the color of links in the text, the color is not saved in the template.
  • Fixed: In the re-style html characters are encoded in entities.
  • Fixed: If the editor.align setting is applied, in some cases it is still 'left'.
  • Added: A setting that allows to hide blocks in the add blocks menu. Please see the docs.


  • Fixed: in some cases, the template code was not synchronized, if the text was selected with the mouse out of editing area boundaries.


  • Fixed: In some cases, the template code is not synchronized when editing text.


  • Fixed: The width of the image does not change after uploading another one in the popup.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the border-width and border-color properties are not getting the correct values
  • Fixed: In some cases left alignment isn't working properly.
  • Fixed: The image width attribute should have a value without px at the output.


  • Fixed: Line height style is converted to pixels for correct display of text in Outlook.
  • Fixed: Paragraphs have empty class attributes in generated html.
  • Fixed: Class specified for the block not saved in generated html.


  • Fixed: adding a block with two images caused an error.
  • Improved: a bunch of small fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed: Headings with href: there is no link created.
  • Fixed: The keyboard shortcuts do not work in safari (bold / italic).


  • Fixed: menu block items in dropdown are not deleted.
  • Fixed: the specified text-decoration property for links in the styles setting does not apply.


  • New: API method editor.getText to get plain text of the email.
  • New: Ability to save template styles directly in the template itself. Please, see the docs.
  • New: Ability for images and links to force https. See the setting.
  • New: The image.remove event.
  • Fixed: The tags bold, italic etc. are removed from headings in the generated HTML code of the email.
  • Fixed: When changing the text size, the link size does not change.
  • Fixed: Clicking outside Revolvapp does not remove the focus from the element inside.


  • New: Reorder plugin for drag and drop blocks and elements.
  • Improved: Adding logic through addbar has been improved. Now if an element within a block is selected, content is added after the element without wrapping it into the block. If block is selected, content will be added after the whole block.
  • Improved: Navigate between blocks and elements using arrow up and down.
  • Fixed: The viewOnly setting did not completely turn off editing.


  • Fixed: The image width was removed when switching to source mode and back.
  • Fixed: Frame height did not change if a long image was inserted.
  • Fixed: Ability to duplicate images



  • Fixed: bug on editing and inserting links.


  • New: Inserting images by specifying a direct url. See image.url option.
  • Improved: A lot of improvements in plugins. Please update all the plugins if you are using them.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the template changes were not saved when editing code in source mode or using the Code plugin.


  • Fixed: events autosave and editor.change have no effect on every change in Revolvapp.


Small bug fixes and UI improvements.


Code refactoring and reduction.


  • Release of Revolvapp 2.0.
  • Incredible interface that helps to quickly change the look of the email and any properties of blocks and template elements.
  • A lot of new API methods and events to make it easy to create your own plugins and expand Revolvapp your needs.
  • The ability to create and add your own blocks.
  • And there's a lot more.