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  • Fixed: In some cases, the template code is not synchronized when editing text.


  • Fixed: The width of the image does not change after uploading another one in the popup.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the border-width and border-color properties are not getting the correct values
  • Fixed: In some cases left alignment isn't working properly.
  • Fixed: The image width attribute should have a value without px at the output.


  • Fixed: Line height style is converted to pixels for correct display of text in Outlook.
  • Fixed: Paragraphs have empty class attributes in generated html.
  • Fixed: Class specified for the block not saved in generated html.


  • Fixed: adding a block with two images caused an error.
  • Improved: a bunch of small fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed: Headings with href: there is no link created.
  • Fixed: The keyboard shortcuts do not work in safari (bold / italic).


  • Fixed: menu block items in dropdown are not deleted.
  • Fixed: the specified text-decoration property for links in the styles setting does not apply.


  • New: API method editor.getText to get plain text of the email.
  • New: Ability to save template styles directly in the template itself. Please, see the docs.
  • New: Ability for images and links to force https. See the setting.
  • New: The image.remove event.
  • Fixed: The tags bold, italic etc. are removed from headings in the generated HTML code of the email.
  • Fixed: When changing the text size, the link size does not change.
  • Fixed: Clicking outside Revolvapp does not remove the focus from the element inside.


  • New: Reorder plugin for drag and drop blocks and elements.
  • Improved: Adding logic through addbar has been improved. Now if an element within a block is selected, content is added after the element without wrapping it into the block. If block is selected, content will be added after the whole block.
  • Improved: Navigate between blocks and elements using arrow up and down.
  • Fixed: The viewOnly setting did not completely turn off editing.


  • Fixed: The image width was removed when switching to source mode and back.
  • Fixed: Frame height did not change if a long image was inserted.
  • Fixed: Ability to duplicate images



  • Fixed: bug on editing and inserting links.


  • New: Inserting images by specifying a direct url. See image.url option.
  • Improved: A lot of improvements in plugins. Please update all the plugins if you are using them.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the template changes were not saved when editing code in source mode or using the Code plugin.


  • Fixed: events autosave and editor.change have no effect on every change in Revolvapp.


Small bug fixes and UI improvements.


Code refactoring and reduction.


  • Release of Revolvapp 2.0.
  • Incredible interface that helps to quickly change the look of the email and any properties of blocks and template elements.
  • A lot of new API methods and events to make it easy to create your own plugins and expand Revolvapp your needs.
  • The ability to create and add your own blocks.
  • And there's a lot more.