Documentation / Settings


Overview #

In most cases, default settings for Redactor will work just fine for most of the projects, however, there are dozens of settings that you can use to fine-tune your installation of Redactor.

Generally, settings are applied at the time you initialize Redactor:

    settingName: parameter

Whenever you've got more then one Redactor on a page or in your system, and you wish to simultaniusly apply the same settings and attach the same callbacks to all of these Redactors, you can do so using global setting:

   $.Redactor.settings = {
   	plugins: ['inlinestyle'],
	formatting: ['p', 'blockquote', 'h2'],
	callbacks {
		change: function()

Keep in mind, that not all settings can be set globaly. For example, focus and click-to-edit settings must be set individually for each Redactor instance as well as save and cancel callbacks.