Figma Design Framework

Design System

This is a reference design system primarily intended to serve as a framework. It is simple to adapt to your goals and adjust as needed.

Helium Design system

Design framework

Making complex components is simple

The system is built using slots and placeholders. Therefore, it is easy to make your own complex components.

Design framework

Minimal style

Easy to adapt to what you require

Helium has a clean aesthetic and a sophisticated color scheme. All of this is simple to modify to match your needs in a couple of minutes.

Minimal style.

Light / Dark components & styles

The dark design theme is right out of the box

Each component has a dark theme version. The color and style of the components have been carefully chosen to match accessibility and harmony.

Light / Dark components & styles

Essential components.

There is everything you need

There is nothing superfluous. However, a totally sufficient set of components to solve any design aims.

Essential components

Typography system

A well-thought-out and comprehensive system

The only design system in the world where the typography works as expected. And it has exactly the styles you expect.

Typography system

Annotation styles & tools

Complementing and describing the design

The good stuff is in the details. Everything you need to present and explain your design is included in the Helium design system. In addition to expanding the system.

Annotation styles & tools

No subscription. Free updates.

Buy the design system

Single license

For solo designers and developers.

Team license

For design teams, agencies, and startups.

Fully accessible

100% compliant with WCAG 2.1 accessibility contrast ratios.

Tested in practice

This is a system that works and has proven in real projects.

High quality

Helium is the benchmark in the design systems industry.

Frequently asked questions

What do I get after the purchase?

After purchasing through Gumroad, you will get a .fig file that you can import into Figma.

Will I get a Sketch or Adobe XD version?

No. Helium design system is made only for Figma and has no version for Sketch or Adobe XD.

Do you offer technical support?

Helium design system requires no special knowledge to use and is provided as is. We do not offer technical support.

Can I use Helium for commercial projects?

Yes. You can use the design system for any project, without any restrictions.