This helper helps push flex blocks to different sides of the container.

Usage #

Using this helper you can push flex column to the right edge with the push-right class.

<div class="item flex">
    <div class="item-column">...</div>
    <div class="item-column push-right">...</div>

Or in any other direction using the following classes:

  • push-left
  • push-top
  • push-bottom

Responsive #

Use these classes to specify the direction to push the block out on small screens:

  • push-right-sm
  • push-left-sm
  • push-top-sm
  • push-bottom-sm

Use these classes to turn off block pushing on small screens:

  • push-right-off-sm
  • push-left-off-sm
  • push-top-off-sm
  • push-bottom-off-sm

<div class="item flex flex-column-sm">
    <div class="item-column">...</div>
    <div class="item-column push-right push-right-off-sm">...</div>